Here we go go go on an adventure…..

Well I was laying around today being a big lazy butt…reading about cycling actually, when it hit me: GO BIKE TO THE PARK!

The park? Sure why not it isn’t that far, wait what? you mean THAT PARK! The one clear across town?!? suuuuure ok, will “go to that park” I said to myself knowing I would stop when I got to the park just down the road instead. Well, the park down the road is named Smith, this is the park I ended up at this park instead

The one clear across town :-D, this ended up being my longest ride to date!!! yes it was only 5 miles but you know what, IT WAS 5 MILES MORE THEN I WAS GETTING ON THE COUCH!

What kept me moving is simply this “I can do ALL things through Jesus Christ, who STRENGTHS ME!”, I feel it was with His help that I was able to push myself to go further!

BTW Katrina behaved wonderfully and the new seat was amazing!



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