How you can be rolling up hill too…

I have gotten a lot of questions from people lately about what type of bike I use etc so I thought I would write a quick post.

As a rather large guy my selection of bike was based on what could handle the weight. Things that you want to make sure of:
1. Double walled rims- this is important and can be added to bike if it doesn’t come already with them.
2. Spokes- 28 or more! Spokes are what is going to provide strength to the wheels. Just be aware now though, your going to eventual break one but the good news is it is a cheap repair!
3.Forget the shocks- get what is called a hardtailed bike, the shocks at the heavier weights 300+ are not really going to be doing you much good and is one more thing to go wrong.
4.Stay away from places like wal-mart,target, and other big box stores- THEY DON’T KNOW JACK! Go to your LBS(local bike store), and buy a “real” bike, you should be spending around 400 minimum! Do not bother with a carbon or light weight bike as they again will be a waste of money, a nice hybrid will last you a very long time!
5.HELMET! I got mine from Amazon and it fit my rather large head well, but make sure you size yours correctly!
6. Bike shorts- they make a huge difference, and come in sizes beyond 5xl!
7. Do NOT get the biggest most comfy looking seat, in the long run they can be a bigger pain! Build up some iron butt and after a few weeks if it still bothers you then look at a new seat. Most LBS will let you try them out for a little bit, so try a few!

I hope this helps, if anyone has anymore questions please let me know!

Here is my Katrina


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