Did I disappear again? Nope, just have not been biking as much. I have though been hitting the gym, and so I just have not updated as much here but weight loss is going well. Down over #25 and 5%! Anywho… So I went out for a bike ride, got about 3 minutes in and noticed something did not feel right. My tire was very low! Made it back and it was at 40psi(min. recommended is 50 max 85). Pumped it up and that helped…need to install my portable pump to Katrina later.

…don’t call me late for supper!

I had a great ride today, weather had warmed up and though it had rained all morning it cleared up. I decided to do this ride as we were having an extra yummy fat man delight of sweet corn cakes for dinner! So I went out for a ride before dinner started and did 2 miles and actually did 8min miles(been doing 7 lately). Was a nice ride, very relaxing and felt ready take on such a tasty dinner, proud in the fact that I knew I would not over eat tonight! After I exercise, I don’t want to eat as much because it seems counterproductive…



Pull over to the side and keep your hands up!

Was what I thought I was about to hear tonight, as I went out for a SECOND ride at NIGHT!!! I was talking to some folks about biking tonight, passing on some stuff I have learned and just made me ITCH to ride. So I said I would be right back and went out!
The feeling was errie but fun, I was followed by a cop, because I am sure I looked a little wierd a big fat man riding a bicycle late at night but he left me alone. My knee held up fine which was also nice, and I did about an 8 mph avg…did my park loop of 2 miles. I really enjoyed it and hope to maybe go out for a few more night time rides!



I use to be an adventurer like you…till I took an arrow to the knee!

So today was fun, it was rainy and cold! My niece came over around lunch time so we all went to pizza hut. I should NOT have gone but I did, I had 4 pieces of pizza(2 of them dessert ones) and a tasty salad! You may be saying BBB, this has NOTHING TO DO WITH BIKING but it does! After lunch we went to the park to play, I made my niece take a short .6 mile walk with me…and I even ran a bit of it!!! When we got home I still felt bloated and lazy, so I diecided to go biking, I even wore my new shoes. MY KNEES HURT LIKE HELL! I think the shoes were to tight AND just not use to the way these work. I did about 2 miles in 14 so not my best, but I think next time I will still use my old shoes. On the plus side I am still loosing weight on WW and it is going great(or would that be the minus side 🙂 ).  Also had a friend/photog take some family pictures and I will be posting a new photo soon I think.





NSV for me!

So around my birthday(in may) I bought some new peddles for Katrina, they allowed me to use some neato shows that actually clip in to them increasing your output/efficiency. I tried the shoes on at the store and a few weeks later had my wife pick them up for me. THEY DID NOT FIT ANYMORE! I could not return them, so in to the closet they went. I had gained back to much weight and my feet were not exempt apparently :(. Today, I tried them on again..and they fit! Not great, in fact not by much, but they fit! I went out to Katrina and tried them out and it was amazing! We just took a quick ride, but I can’t wait to loose some more weight and try these on a big trip!

To boldly roll where no fat man has rolled before!

I feel so depressed today, yesterday was horrific point wise! My slug butt was sitting around being hungry today, but I wasn’t hungry I was bored/depressed! So I decided a quick ride would be a great idea, and off I went on Katrina. The weather was cool and overcast, and I soon found myself past smith park, so I decided to head to mound view again! Alas, I did not make it to mound view, instead I wound up even further! I went out to my folks place, a long term goal I have had. In total my trip there and back again was 7.5 miles!! Woot! My butt is sore, but not to bad…and I feel great otherwise!