So today was fun, it was rainy and cold! My niece came over around lunch time so we all went to pizza hut. I should NOT have gone but I did, I had 4 pieces of pizza(2 of them dessert ones) and a tasty salad! You may be saying BBB, this has NOTHING TO DO WITH BIKING but it does! After lunch we went to the park to play, I made my niece take a short .6 mile walk with me…and I even ran a bit of it!!! When we got home I still felt bloated and lazy, so I diecided to go biking, I even wore my new shoes. MY KNEES HURT LIKE HELL! I think the shoes were to tight AND just not use to the way these work. I did about 2 miles in 14 so not my best, but I think next time I will still use my old shoes. On the plus side I am still loosing weight on WW and it is going great(or would that be the minus side 🙂 ).  Also had a friend/photog take some family pictures and I will be posting a new photo soon I think.