an update

Well I tried to go skiing this last Tuesday, and to be honest it was a disappointing and humiliating time. Now some of you may say “BigBoneBiker, it takes time to learn to ski”, well that wasn’t the issue. I couldn’t get the boots to fit, at least not without extreme pain! My “cankles” got in the way, a long with my extra extra wide feet. It took them about an hour to try and fit me with boots, they had to add extenders but after skiing about 15 min, I could hardly move! they tried another size and it sorta worked but still the pain came back. I use to ski when I was younger almost every week! I miss it and did enjoy the couple times I was able to go down(despite the agonizing pain). I had my wife pick me up, and it was a hard couple of days for me. I did WI and was down 3 pounds for a total of 53.4.  Last night I worked out, and did 1.5 miles in about 25 minuets, and then tried yoga for the first time! I am looking forward to spring when Katrina and I can “set sail” again…and the best part is I will be over 50# lighter!

Just out of curiosity if you read this, please comment!



4 thoughts on “an update

  1. I know how disappointing it is right now but its a great goal to work toward. You are doing great and by next ski season you will look so different and feel different. This will all just be a bad memory!!! Keep up the great job!


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