Sexy piece of man meat...
Sexy piece of man meat…

This is the triple B, I am holding a 3.4 pound roast. Why? Because that is representing my average weekly weight loss at this time!

          Also had a major victory today, I shot some folks today! Oh, btw I played laser tag! The last time I did this was before my wedding, and it was ROUGH. I was hardly able to do anything, and was quickly out of breath moving around. Back then, I was about #380 and right now I weigh 352. That small amount made a huge difference, I was able to crouch walk(think swat style :-D) and go up and down the stairs without huffing and puffing for 5 minuets afterwards. It was an amazing time, we brought my niece and nephew and they couldn’t shut up about it the entire ride home; nor could I for that matter.


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