Had a great date night with Mrs. 3B tonight! We went and saw Identity Theft and it was AWESOME! We also got to go to the gym, and it was nice to be able to go together since lil 3B was at his Aunts. Last Wednesday’s Weigh In was my lowest non-gain to date, 1.4 pounds, which isn’t bad but my average has been 3.4ish. I made the mistake of expressing my disappointment on the WW 200+ board and got ripped a new one. It hit me hard, and I feel very hurt. They took a previous post about 2 weeks ago where I titled it “I wish for a gain” or something like that. In that post I state how much stress I am feeling from family/friends and myself, I felt like I wanted a gain just to releave that stress. People twisted it into me saying I want a gain because I am loosing to fast ect. and missed what I was truly saying. I felt betrayed when they started using that against me, and acting like I was simply trying to rub my weight loss in their faces. Needless to say, I won’t be posting there much anymore.

BTW here is the triple B working out, with a SxS from any differences?

Wow those legs are a blur!
Wow those legs are a blur!

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