Your still here?

Wow, it has been one year to the day that I got my Katrina! I remember the first time I road her, it felt so weird and I was worried that I made a bad choice to try this. As you have seen by reading this blog, it has been a struggle, but I have continued to triumph!

This year, my goal is to hit 500 miles on my dear Katrina. I use to think, before I got her, that I was simply to fat to exercise! I am here to tell you I was wrong! You are always able to do something, it is just a matter if it is something your willing to do. The best choice I have made in this journey was to take the first step, and I hope that I might inspire a few of you to do the same.
Here we are, 1 year later(thanks to Mrs. BBB for taking the photos for me!)

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Tomorrow is a very important day for me, I won’t say why just yet though. I would keep your eyes peeled tomorrow night for an update to this blog(best way to do that is to become a follower).

In other news, had an amazing weekend! I went to my favorite conventions, the Midwest gaming classic! I hung out with my best friend, Mr. H and we both had a blast. It was a great feeling to be able to not be out of breath every few feet, even going up stairs. It was nice to fit in some games that I would not of last year.

Food wise I made a good plan the first day, and did pretty well sticking to it. Day two I didn’t plan as well but still did ok. My wife and son came with me this year, though the shopped most of the time. For a little while though I got to play some fun games with him, even for being just a bit over 2 he had a blast. They even had fix it Felix jr. and he loved seeing the characters.

I also saw my godson Lil Mr. H and while I didn’t get as much time as I would have liked it is amazing to see how much he has grown and watch him play wi Lil 3B.

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F@ sux

So I have been working hard on my c25k program, did week 3 day 1 last night. The last few times though I have been getting severe pain, so bad that I am limping badly as I get off the machine. Turns its my IT band, and I may be over doing it. Right now I am training every other day, and I am wondering if that was a good idea. The problem with me is that I get that pain, and when most people would stop I don’t.

So what does this mean for the tripe B? It means I have to be smarter with my work outs! The nice part is spring might be here soon and I can hit the road with my dear Katrina. Ahh how I miss the feeling, those 2 short rides made me miss it even more.

Also, I think next Wednesday you should keep an eye on this blog for a special update!


Short post

Was getting anxious about my WI tonight. so since the weather was cold but not to bad I went for a ride. Did 2 miles in about 14 minuets, and wore my heart rate monitor with an average of 132 with a max of 147.

I really love my HRM, it allows me to really gauge my workouts. I have a polar ft7 black with a red stripe, and I must say It looks pretty sexy when I wear it! So my goal this year is to make it to the M(worlds largest M) which will be a pretty tough ride of about 20 miles round trip I think. Who thinks I can do it by this fall?

Have a great day,and keep on pedaling!


Rolling on

So WI last week went really well, I lost 7 pounds! I told you that gain would be motivating! I also earned 40 activity points,which has been a long term goal of mine. This week however, has not been looking very well, and makes me nervous.

I have still been working out, and even did my first “indoor” 5k(53 min.). I have been eating pretty well and it sure why the scale is showing me up about 5 pounds right now. Perhaps my body just hates me? I will be very honest, I find myself disgusting. I look in the mirror and I still see the big fat ass standing before me. When I don’t do well on WI, it makes me feel rather worthless, even though it is not rational. I am heading to the gym this afternoon, and hoping it helps for tomorrow’s WI.

Freezing my gears off!

Yesterday I got the itch really bad! No not THAT kind of itch, the itch to just do something different. The weather was warmer I think about 40ish so I decided to go biking. One thing I forgot is, while it was a bit warmer wind chill makes it a bunch colder! I did about 2.25 miles and could not even feel one of my fingers anymore. Wow though being down to 349 as opposed to over 400 makes a HUGE difference! I was able to do 2.25 in about 14 minutes, with 2.5 of that waiting to cross a street! I missed Katrina and really looking forward to being able to ride more!

The Big Boned Biker Rides again! Huzzah!Image