Your still here?

Wow, it has been one year to the day that I got my Katrina! I remember the first time I road her, it felt so weird and I was worried that I made a bad choice to try this. As you have seen by reading this blog, it has been a struggle, but I have continued to triumph!

This year, my goal is to hit 500 miles on my dear Katrina. I use to think, before I got her, that I was simply to fat to exercise! I am here to tell you I was wrong! You are always able to do something, it is just a matter if it is something your willing to do. The best choice I have made in this journey was to take the first step, and I hope that I might inspire a few of you to do the same.
Here we are, 1 year later(thanks to Mrs. BBB for taking the photos for me!)

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