Today was a fairytale..

Normally I don’t post twice in one day but today is different.

So today I finally decided to clean out the garage and move the car out for the year. I have been wanting to do this for awhile, as it signals the start of spring for me. It went great and I love having my bike area for Katrina. I also decided to FINALLY set up my Burly(bike trailer for kids to ride in), that I got last year. Thanks to the joys of youtube I had no problems figuring it out, and took it out for a quick test run. I thought it would be weird to ride with it, but didn’t even notice it was there(although it was empty).

So during this time lil BBB is napping, I finish up head inside and sit down for a few minuets…he wakes up. I deicded since we had everything all setup outside for him he should go play outside. I brought him his helmet(which he LOATHES), when he sees it I brace myself for the screams of “NO HELMET! NO HELMET! DADA NOOOOO!”. “BIKE! AARON BIKE!” WTF!?!? So after story time and some adjustments we have him all set to go. I don’t know why he associates his helmet with a bike as I have never taken him on a bike in his life. After playing with his Thomas Scooter(Thanks Uncle Kevin), and riding his Harley Davidson powerwheel($30 yard sale find), I bring out Katrina and “saddle her up” to the “wagon”. Lil BBB can not wait and starts climbing right on into it. Get him settled/strapped in and take him for a little loop of about .25. I can hear him giggle a little as we go over some bumps. We arrive back at the house and as I am pulling into the drive I hear “AGAIN!” so off we go…wash, rinse, repeat! We did about 4-5 loops lol and he still wanted more! It was getting late and time to start dinner soon though so Katrina went back to her stable. Meanwhile, some Mormons show up and want to talk. Mrs. BBB takes lil BBB into the house while the gentlemen and I have a discussion about biblical type things(I did score a free book of Mormon).

I go back into the house, and the wife lets me know that he has been asking nonstop to go back on the bike(going to have me a riding buddy for sure!). So we deiced to go to the park while mama makes dinner, and he runs back to Katrina. On the ride to the park I had a perfect moment. One of those moments where times stands still, and nothing can ruin it. As I was going along, at a decent pace, not out of breath, I hear him giggling his brains out as we hit a bumpy spot. My heart melted, I just can’t describe the joy/love/peace that I felt at that moment. Someday when I am old and grey I will look back, remember that moment and cry with joy.

The park was fun, and we had a great day….today was a fairytale.

Click the link to see a quick video.


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