Just a quick update from last night, I did end up hitting my 100lbs mark by loosing 1.2 pounds. I find it funny that it wasn’t just 1 pound, but that I still got that .2 :). They gave me a new “weight” for my key ring, and a certificate even. Though they gave me the 50lbs one by mistake because they have to order the 100lbs(guess they don’t give to many of those out?). One thing that was extra fun yesterday was that the wife and I went for a Wog before the meeting. Normally we drop lil BBB off at my ‘rents and go and sit outside the meeting for a bit, however this time we went to a local park and walked/jogged about a mile before hand. It was great to see a real world application of my gym time, made it feel like all those hours in the gym mattered for something other then just wieght loss. Next time I will bring my running shoes for sure!

Pardon the fact I look like I just wrestled a Gazelle to the ground..

Down 101 pounds!
Down 101 pounds!

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