Put to shame…

Today was a fun day, it started with grocery shopping with a 2 year old who would have preferred not to be there. Afterwords, Iunch didn’t go well, he didn’t like the food(except the berries). So I had decided since the weather was amazing(60!) I would instal my bike computer my folks got me for christmass. First off, would it have been so bad to add some text besides just pictures??? Second, it works great and so glad I put it on!.

 So I asked on facebook who would like to go biking with me, and my one sister sorta wanted to go, though ended up not picking up her phone. My 8 year old neice cals me and says she wantst to go. I will be honest 100%, I figured we would make it about 1 mile and she would be done. We made it to the closest local park(about a mile), and she said where are we going? I said oh, you want to keep going ok lets go to the next park. When we get to there she still wants to keep going, so we head to Mound View Park( http://wp.me/p2jfwI-1t ). She made it there with 1. not whining 2. with not walking and 3. ready for more!

At this point I am floored, I am so proud of her since her bike is just a kids fixie(not able to switch gears). So we go around the park(about .5) and she notices we are not far from my folks place. It has some big hills that last year totally kicked my butt( http://wp.me/p2jfwI-1A )! So I told her lets go down this big hill first and see how you do before we decide. So we go down it and up the other side and heading out to the country side for a bit. We turn around and hit the big hill, she nails it(only walking for a very bit towards the end). So I ask her if she is SURE she wants to go, because if we start we aren’t turning back. YUP! So we head out and man she was a trooper, again only walked a tiny bit at the end. We stayed a few minutes and headed back. All said and done she did over 10 miles! I did about 9.2, which is my new personal best. Both of us were still wanting to do more and had time not been a restraint I think we would have gone further(yay not being tired out!).

So I think I have me a new riding buddy, and I am such a proud uncle right now!


3 thoughts on “Put to shame…

  1. It was fantastic seeing the 2 of you at my house. I was amazed at what Rachel did and so proud at both of you. 🙂


  2. You both inspired me today! I didn’t think I could make it all the way to the store today and thinking about how far you both made it gave me the will I needed to make it there and back.


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