Green grows…rain flows.

I must say, I am getting annoyed with this rain! While yes, it is better than snow, it is not by much. I was enjoyinh being out on my bike the last week, and am feeling cooped up! Katrina needed some repairs, I thought it was truing the wheels, but the main issue was the breaks were misaligned. So for $12 it was fixed at my LBS, and I went on my merry way. However, when I got home I found a new issue, on the front break on of the levers was sticking. I spent about an hour trying to figure it out myself to no avail, so before taking it back to the LBS I went to the library. I found a great book that showed me exactly what to do, and a few turns of a screw later I had it all fixed. I also found out that I was ripped off by the LBS, it takes about 2 minuets to do the adjustment he did. So if I did the math right I paid $360 an hour for that repair.

I was going to do a big ride on sunday but the weather is looking crappy still(rain ALL week, with a possible snow tonight). So on the 26th I am going to attempt DO it. I have to have faith in myself, and I know I will succeed.

On a separate note, my friend Malisa Phillips of Texas has type 1 diabetes. It is so bad she has to constantly monitor her blood sugar at all times, even still having issues with that. Her husband is in the military and is about to be redeployed, leaving her and her kids alone. Right now she is trying to buy a diabetic alert dog, which can actually detect blood sugar levels BEFORE conventional methods can. Do to the limited income of the military, she needs our help to afford this! If you have even a dollar to spare, please consider helping her out.

Here is the link, please share with everyone you know!

Thank you for reading this far, I appreciate it.

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