There are reasons for Limits

Well it has been awhile since a real post, but today I shall change that!

Today started off ok, lil BBB has been sick with a fever the last couple of days, and that is always fun. I had a doc. apponiment this morning, and came home to just kinda chill. The weather wed. was amazing, and I was child/wife free for nye the entire day! So I made sure to take full advantage of it and sit on my butt using the computer. Ya, I was kinda dissaponement in myself for that choice and vowed I would bike the next nice day!  That brings us back to today, where we find our hero sitting on his computer bored and feeling a bit down. I though about biking but the idea of exercise sounded like something I wished not to do. On the suggestion though of my wife I decided that I couldn’t waste the day, and I would go bike riding!

I loaded up my little travel bag on my bike:Fiber one bar, wallet, and phone. I filled up my water, which surprisingly I don’t do very much. I often prefer to workout with out water, but to be honest I don’t know why. I had an idea in my head, a CRAZY idea, an idea so wickedly insane that it sent a chill down my spine. The “M”, yes the worlds largest M resides in Platteville and as I have mentioned before a long term goal from last year was to bike out to it. It is not an easy ride for someone like me (though many might find it easy for them). It starts off hilly and ends with an uphill climb! It is about 6.5-7 miles from my house, and to be honest I thought I would go a little ways then turn back to go home.

I started going and getting to mound view park which I kinda thought of as “base camp” was easy. I had done that ride many times and knew what to expect. When I arrived though, I looked at the road I needed to take for the “M”, and noticed it was getting closer. What was going on? How can roads move?!? I realized that I started going towards it! I soon found myself flying down a hill trying to gain enough speed to make it over the next precipice! When i arrived at that top of the first hill I breathed a sigh of relief, it looked nice and flat for awhile. NOPE, when I turned a corner I saw them. Big Bad Biker Eating Hills, or BBBEH’s for short.  The last ones were the worst, and I don’t mean because I was tired, they were just brutal! I actually had to stop at the top of one because my heart rate was in the 170’s(near max), and was finding myself only going 4mph up those hills. Yes I could have hopped off and walked, but I wanted to push on. When I arrived at the “M” I felt a wave of pride and power wash over me. I DID it, I accomplished what a few weeks ago I didn’t think I could do.



At this point my “bright sunny day” became dark rain clouds, and I knew it was time to leave! One thing I forgot to mention was the strong winds! On the way to the M, for the most part it was a tail wind which is great, but on the way home it became a head wind. You would think it wouldn’t make much of a difference, but it really does! One point a gust almost knocked me over!

I soon made it home, and iced my aching knees. I feel amazing, and I know now that limits can be pushed. Limits SHOULD be pushed!

Also I learned that you need to sit properly on the seat, with your seat bones resting on the wide part of the saddle. Once I did that it made the ride SO much nicer.


2 thoughts on “There are reasons for Limits

  1. WOOHOO!!!! You did it!!! I’m so proud of you and it must feel amazing to know that you accomplished one of your goals!!!!! Congratulations! 🙂


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