Tune Up

Well decided to finally take Katrina in for her new chain, and while I was at it had them do a full cleaning/tune up. She looks amazing all spiffed up! The chain did end up needing replacing, but that’s ok, as the new ones should last a lot longer.

Here is the down side, my rear tire is ruined. Not to the point that I can’t use it but it has some wobble/hop due to it being out of round. It is interesting, like my body, Katrina’s has suffered from to much excess weight. Though we try and fix things, sometimes the damage has already been done. I look at her wheel though as more of a badge of honor, she gave of herself to help me. I plan to replace the wheel next year, but I won’t be throwing it away!



News Update

Well since finding out my wife is pregnant again, my life has been a bit Topsy-turvy. Feeling a lot of stress(but the good kind) about the idea of another baby(it will be a boy is my prediction), I have let my bike riding take a side seat. I have been meaning to get the chain fixed but keep putting it off. Deep down I think it is because I want an excuse to not work out, I just feel in a slump right now.

Last week I had a gain, .8 so not very much but this week I am looking at one as well. Wife is off of WW now, and it is taking me a bit to find my groove again. I have stayed OP though, just been slacking with the work outs as I wrote about above. Now tonight though, on the encouragement of my dear sweet beautiful wife, I went for a bike ride. Did about 7 miles, and tackled some hills that last year left me hurting( http://wp.me/p2jfwI-10 ) which felt nice for the ol’ self-esteem. By the way, check this out

Woot, first 100 of 2013
Woot, first 100 of 2013

FIRST 100 of the year!

I am very happy to be 1/5th of the way through my goal, but have a long ways still to go.

This is BBB signing off…..

Back to the M

So I know I have not posted much lately but been busy yo! I have been trying my best to use Katrina as much as I can lately, even ran some errands the other day! Yesterday I was suppose to go riding with my brother who is in town visiting but it didn’t work out. Instead, I decided I would go on my own ride out to the M again. Remember back a few posts ago when I talked about “fuel” for your bike? I decided I would bring a picnic lunch this time, and had about a half full water bottle. BIG MISTAKE! Water ran out(was rather hot out), and do to the fact I had a light breakfast, I almost passed out. I hit the bottom of a hill, and I lost ALL energy. The bad thing about that happening at the bottom of the hills around here was that it was uphill any way I went. So I pushed on, and some how I made it to the M(had about 3 BBBEH’s to deal with). My entire body was shaking, and I could hardly walk to the picnic bench to sit down. I took out the “lunch” I brought and realized 1 uncrustable and a fiber one bar maybe wasn’t the best choice. I drank my water but it ran out to quickly with no where around to fill it up. I truly debated about having someone come pick me up, but instead I wait about a half hour, at which time I felt more prepared for the ride home. The ONLY thing that save me was the fact that it was more downhill on the way home. When I got home, I was so exhausted that I even had to take about a 45 min nap.


This morning, the weather is great and lil BBB had to go to “school”. After yesterday’s ordeal I decided that maybe I would just drive him, but I changed my mind so we road to school. I am learning some valuable lessons on what my body really needs, and doesn’t need. I have almost completely quit drinking soda(impart due to the fact my wife can’t drink any now). I must say, it is very refreshing feeling as well, my body feels “healthier” even.

Well, I am off to go work on Katrina for a bit, the chain came off and feels weird this morning.



New Goal

So today I realized that the kickstand that I took off of Katrina was not broken. It turns out I installed it wrong, and it should be a simple “fix” to get it working.

Had a pretty good day today otherwise, the weather is finally starting to get nice again! I took my family on a picnic again at the park, lil BBB loved the bike ride like always. Afterwords, when i normally would have gone straight home, I made a different choice. I took him on a bit longer ride, and even hit some of those BBBEH’s that populate this area. When you have a 25# weight pulling you down it makes it hard to go uphill! While I only did about 3 miles today, it was 3 well earned miles.

Right now I am looking towards some new goals, I am making decent progress on my 500 mile goal(about 65 miles down so far), but I want something a bit more substantial. There is a bike trial that goes to a neighboring town, round trip I think would be about 20-25 miles. It would be a very fulfilling trip to be able to do, but I don’t know if I am ready for it just yet. Right now I am trying to make it back to the M, and perhaps beat my previous time?

Not much else to report for now, so with that this is the Big Boned Biker signing off for the evening.

Anchors away!

Yesterday was pretty good by many standards. It started off with lil BBB actually eating his breakfast, me not giving in to turning on the tv for him. After a while we decided to go to the park for a few hours. We biked of course to the park, and had a great time. I packed a picnic as well and lil BBB enjoyed it. He even started making a new friend, and enjoyed when his Aunt came to visit as well.

So far this year, I have over 50 miles in, which considering that is about all I did last year is pretty amazing.  Yesterday was WI  though and down 3 pounds which is an amazing loss. I have been struggling lately with staying on plan, though I haven’t gone over my points it has come close. I feel the urge to stress eat right now, but thanks to my support networks that I have made, I have been able to stop.

At the meeting last night it was funny, they talked about anchors. I find often that I need my anchors to hold me down, and if it were not for them I would not be where I am today. There are many types of anchors that I use in my life, some physical, others emotional, and others digital.

Physical anchors can be something as simple as a pebble in your pocket or as big as a landmark. The idea behind it is that when you see/feel that anchor it lets you stop for a moment and evaluate what you are doing. For example, when I am really fighting a craving some times I grab my keys in my pocket. There is nothing special about my keys, nothing on them of real meaning, but it is a “trigger” for me to think before I simply stuff my gob. I know some people will have things such as a dress/clothes they want to where someday and use the sight of those things to anchor them(perhaps hanging it in the kitchen even). Physical anchors are a powerful tool that we can use, and depending on what it is, can be used anywhere!

What are emotional anchors? The best way I can think of discribing them are feelings, whether good or bad, that allow us to again stop to think about what we are doing. For example, there was a time due to my weight, I felt like I could not do a train ride at the zoo with my son. It was his first ride, and I didn’t want to face the embarrassment of not fitting in the seats. I will never forget that darkness of that momment, knowing how badly I wanted to be with him to experience the moment. There are also positive ones as well, such as the other day when I road to the “M”. I can not describe in words the feeling of joy/pride when I arrived, knowing that I had pushed myself to my limits and beyond. I had set a goal to not walk my bike, and I did NOT walk my bike. It is an emotional anchor that I can use, to remind myself of why I am on this journey. It again can be a very powerful tool at our disposal.

So digital anchors, what the hell are those?!? For me the biggest one is Facebook! I am part of several groups of people who I know I can turn to at anytime for help. It is an amazing thing to be able to find support all around the world. People, who have never truly met me, are willing to provide me with kindness/help, and without any thought of compensation. There is another kind of “digital anchor”, and that is human interaction. The grasp of a hand by someone who loves you, a friend who will pick you up out of the mud. For me that is my wife and son. No matter what, I KNOW they are here for me(as I am for them). Even though my son is 2 years old, he has anchored me more times then I can count! He grabs my hand and leads me out of the kitchen to go play, or even takes my food from me(little sneak :P). My wife has listened to my countless hours of troubles/urges, and never once told me to shove off. It is a powerful thing, like a nuclear explosion of goodness, when someone helps you and when you in turn help others.

So I guess what I am really saying is this, no matter what your doing or where you are, there is always some sort of anchor that you can find. While they are not full proof, nor will they stop you from doing anything, they do allow you the oppurtunity to stop, think, and then decide what you wish to do.