So today I realized that the kickstand that I took off of Katrina was not broken. It turns out I installed it wrong, and it should be a simple “fix” to get it working.

Had a pretty good day today otherwise, the weather is finally starting to get nice again! I took my family on a picnic again at the park, lil BBB loved the bike ride like always. Afterwords, when i normally would have gone straight home, I made a different choice. I took him on a bit longer ride, and even hit some of those BBBEH’s that populate this area. When you have a 25# weight pulling you down it makes it hard to go uphill! While I only did about 3 miles today, it was 3 well earned miles.

Right now I am looking towards some new goals, I am making decent progress on my 500 mile goal(about 65 miles down so far), but I want something a bit more substantial. There is a bike trial that goes to a neighboring town, round trip I think would be about 20-25 miles. It would be a very fulfilling trip to be able to do, but I don’t know if I am ready for it just yet. Right now I am trying to make it back to the M, and perhaps beat my previous time?

Not much else to report for now, so with that this is the Big Boned Biker signing off for the evening.