Back to the M

So I know I have not posted much lately but been busy yo! I have been trying my best to use Katrina as much as I can lately, even ran some errands the other day! Yesterday I was suppose to go riding with my brother who is in town visiting but it didn’t work out. Instead, I decided I would go on my own ride out to the M again. Remember back a few posts ago when I talked about “fuel” for your bike? I decided I would bring a picnic lunch this time, and had about a half full water bottle. BIG MISTAKE! Water ran out(was rather hot out), and do to the fact I had a light breakfast, I almost passed out. I hit the bottom of a hill, and I lost ALL energy. The bad thing about that happening at the bottom of the hills around here was that it was uphill any way I went. So I pushed on, and some how I made it to the M(had about 3 BBBEH’s to deal with). My entire body was shaking, and I could hardly walk to the picnic bench to sit down. I took out the “lunch” I brought and realized 1 uncrustable and a fiber one bar maybe wasn’t the best choice. I drank my water but it ran out to quickly with no where around to fill it up. I truly debated about having someone come pick me up, but instead I wait about a half hour, at which time I felt more prepared for the ride home. The ONLY thing that save me was the fact that it was more downhill on the way home. When I got home, I was so exhausted that I even had to take about a 45 min nap.


This morning, the weather is great and lil BBB had to go to “school”. After yesterday’s ordeal I decided that maybe I would just drive him, but I changed my mind so we road to school. I am learning some valuable lessons on what my body really needs, and doesn’t need. I have almost completely quit drinking soda(impart due to the fact my wife can’t drink any now). I must say, it is very refreshing feeling as well, my body feels “healthier” even.

Well, I am off to go work on Katrina for a bit, the chain came off and feels weird this morning.




2 thoughts on “Back to the M

  1. Wonderful…. but what is BBBEH x 3 ? I know the 3 B’s , but what is the rest. 🙂 thanks for explaining… I’m still learning this lingo, lol


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