News Update

Well since finding out my wife is pregnant again, my life has been a bit Topsy-turvy. Feeling a lot of stress(but the good kind) about the idea of another baby(it will be a boy is my prediction), I have let my bike riding take a side seat. I have been meaning to get the chain fixed but keep putting it off. Deep down I think it is because I want an excuse to not work out, I just feel in a slump right now.

Last week I had a gain, .8 so not very much but this week I am looking at one as well. Wife is off of WW now, and it is taking me a bit to find my groove again. I have stayed OP though, just been slacking with the work outs as I wrote about above. Now tonight though, on the encouragement of my dear sweet beautiful wife, I went for a bike ride. Did about 7 miles, and tackled some hills that last year left me hurting( ) which felt nice for the ol’ self-esteem. By the way, check this out

Woot, first 100 of 2013
Woot, first 100 of 2013

FIRST 100 of the year!

I am very happy to be 1/5th of the way through my goal, but have a long ways still to go.

This is BBB signing off…..

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