So sorry!

So sorry that I have not posted in so long, I really have been meaning too!

The good news, I HAVE still been biking, and had a great ride on Wednesday. I actually did a 20 mile bike ride, it took me about 2 hours! I figured my butt would be uber sore the next day but it really wasn’t. I am really putting some great miles on Katrina this year for sure, and after the tune up she received she is running(rolling) great.

Weight Loss wise things are defeiently slowing down, but that is to be expected. I knew I couldn’t keep up those 4-5# a week losses for ever, though it would have been nice. I am trying my best to stay focused and while it has  been tough with Mrs. BBB being preggers it is going ok.

I am having a hard time focusing on this right now, so going to sign off….




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