Here to bring you a first….a video update from the BBB! Pardon the Grizzly Bear look please..



I just want to share this link with everyone don’t feel like you have to , but if you want to donate please feel free. All money raised will go towards being able to do the Bike tour next year, and anything over what is used will be donated to the local food pantry.

In other news, my goal for August is going to be 100 miles! I will need about 4 miles a day to accomplish this, but I know it will be no problem to complete. It is a funny feeling when being on my bike feels better than being in my car, and a feeling I wouldn’t trade for anything.

Keep Rolling On!



Fun times

Had a great day today with some friends, Mr. H, Mrs. H, and Lil H! Mr. H and I went out bike riding, borrowing my BIL’s bike. The seat on that bike is PAINFUL! We had to take turns riding it because our manly bits were not enjoying that seat. We did about 8 miles, and it was so relaxing to bike with someone. We found a new trail and ended up at walmart, which will be nice to know as it was relativly flat getting there.

After our ride, we came home and played with the kids for a bit. It was rather cold out today, which was nice for bike ridding for sure. For dinner we cooked up some world class brats from Mr. H’s local meat store. I had two brats, one alligator and one Cuban. They both were great, the first one had a nice Cajun after kick and the Cuban was just plain amazing. To rap up the evening we all took a walk around the neighbor hood, and I took some family pictures for them. Great day by all accounts!

The new wheel preformed perfectly, and despite my fears of it feeling more sluggish I did not notice any difference at all. Though switching from ridding my BIL’s bike it was like sailing on a cloud. Smoooooooth as glass, or even a babies bottom!


Also, on the bottom right side I have added my mileage ticker for those who would like to see how I am rolling along.



I must say, I am very happy with the service so far with my LBS! My wheel came in today, and is all installed, set to go for my ride tomorrow with a friend.  The new wheel for those who are wondering is a Weinmann ZAC19 with 12 ga. spokes. I was surprised just how much larger those spokes really are compared to the 14 ga. on my other rim.  Looking forward to trying it out tomorrow on a short ride.

I also am looking at the viability of doing a small tour next year, and things are looking good. I am hoping to find someone to go with me, but I won’t make that a key consideration for it though.


Anyways, keep on rolling!





So happy today, for a few reasons. First, I heard the new baby’s heartbeat! Second, I was able to work out a great deal with my LBS on a new rim. It should be in and set to go in about 1-2 weeks. Third and finally, some work I did for some folks was highly appreciated.

Going to borrow my dads bike until Katrina is all set to g. It will make me appreciate her even more I am sure.

Also, would anyone be interested in doing a bike tour of door county next year? Port Washington up to sturgeon Bay Area, and finishing in GreenBay(with a tour of the packer hall of fame)? Would be about a weeklong trip with some rest days to visit the islands.



First some music to set the mood…..

So some bad news to share, first I had a gain this week. Second, my back wheel is broken on Katrina. About 3-4 spokes are broken and I know the wheel is already bent out of shape so my options are limited. A new wheel of decent quality will be setting me back about $250ish, or I can have it fixed for about $30. The problem with fixing it is that the same issue may arrise, and I will have to do it again shortly. These current wheels while lasting me a year, really only lasted about 300 or so miles.

I was doing pretty well though I must say, I had been biking all my errands and greatly enjoying the freedom that comes with it. My father has offered to let me borrow his old mountain bike, I will see how well that works out for me. I don’t think I would want to take it on any long rides but should help me get around town.

Wish I had more to write, but feeling kinda depressed and not wanting to write a bunch.


Incredible Shrinking Hills

Sorry for not updating last night but better late than never eh? So even though we had a heat advisory of 100* I still went out biking yesterday. It was nice to not have the trailer attached and I could tell it made a huge difference. I first road over to the bike shop and had them make some adjustments to my seat. It was sliding down every mile or so, but they got that fixed for me.

I went out for a bit of a ride after that, and hit some new spots. What I am most impressed about is the fact that hills are getting smaller around here! It must be that, because it can’t be the fact I am in better shape right? I flew up hills that last year I couldn’t even make it halfway up. I am really feeling good about my riding, and am toying with doing a small tour next year. I would have to get up to doing ab out 60-80 miles a day though first.

I have also been working on going car free this week! I have not driven a car since last thursday, I have been taking Katrina with me to run all my errands, and I must say the more you do it the more you learn to love it!! I even road her to my Weight Watchers meeting last night, much to the surprise of everyone there.


In other news, I did not hit my goal for weight loss this week. I still lost though, and as tough as it is I need to focus on that aspect. I think it was all the warm weather and the exercise that caused me to swell up a bit.

Any ways, my wife is coming home today after being gone since sunday afternoon! Time to go get things ready IE clean the house.

Life is good on the back of a bike!