Black Bird

Well today I had a chance to take 2-3 hours for some bike riding, which I made sure to take advantage of(instead of gaming). I have been having some struggles lately with my weight loss, and last weeks gain was no exception. I knew it was time to make a re-dedication to this journey, and this ride was part of that.

I decided to try for 30 miles today, and came close with a 27 mile ride. While riding out to the trail I was thinking long and hard about this journey. Why have I REALLY been struggling? Was I giving up? Am I simply at a point where my body says no more? I think it really comes down to my mind set that started when my wife stopped weight watchers. One of my biggest anchors was now gone! Yes she still supports me, but she is sick so much with this baby that I often times find myself alone. When I am alone I am more inclined to make poor choices. When I make poor choices I feel bad. When I feel bad I make poorer choices. When I make poorer choices I feel badder….you get the idea.

What can I do? As I arrived at the trail head I looked up and saw this black bird trying to fly into the wind. Despite its desire to go forward it simply could not, it was at one point flying backwards making negative progress. Still it never turned around, it kept pushing on into the wind, determined to make it happen. BAM it hit me! I AM THE BIRD!! No matter how much I may slip up, fail, or slow down on this weight loss journey, as long as I still face the wind and push on I WILL succeed.

As I kept riding, I felt like my bike was dragging. I know I have not been riding as much as I should be but really?? I finally get off the bike and find out my bike seat had slipped all the way down. I fixed it and it was back to normal from there. Maybe I need to do the same thing right now, take a good hard look and fix the little thing that is slowing me down. I pushed on and hit my longest ride to date, and I can’t wait to beat this record as well.

Keep on peddling,

Big Boned Biker


3 thoughts on “Black Bird

  1. Awesome post!! You are not alone! I am a bird too and we are part of the same flock! You can do this… Actually we can do this! You inspire me. I hope I can return the favor some day!


    1. I am on WW, and go to meetings every week. I also track every day, even that days I wish I could just forget. 🙂 After reading about your trip btw you have me thinking of doing one next year!


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