Fun times

Had a great day today with some friends, Mr. H, Mrs. H, and Lil H! Mr. H and I went out bike riding, borrowing my BIL’s bike. The seat on that bike is PAINFUL! We had to take turns riding it because our manly bits were not enjoying that seat. We did about 8 miles, and it was so relaxing to bike with someone. We found a new trail and ended up at walmart, which will be nice to know as it was relativly flat getting there.

After our ride, we came home and played with the kids for a bit. It was rather cold out today, which was nice for bike ridding for sure. For dinner we cooked up some world class brats from Mr. H’s local meat store. I had two brats, one alligator and one Cuban. They both were great, the first one had a nice Cajun after kick and the Cuban was just plain amazing. To rap up the evening we all took a walk around the neighbor hood, and I took some family pictures for them. Great day by all accounts!

The new wheel preformed perfectly, and despite my fears of it feeling more sluggish I did not notice any difference at all. Though switching from ridding my BIL’s bike it was like sailing on a cloud. Smoooooooth as glass, or even a babies bottom!


Also, on the bottom right side I have added my mileage ticker for those who would like to see how I am rolling along.



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