Just a quick update, remember those shoes that never fit because I have uber wide feet? They fit now! It is neat to be able to actually clip into my pedals but definitely uses some new muscle groups. Don’t forget to vote in the pole on my previous post!


Big Boned Biker



So I am proud to make an announcement: Today 08/27/13 I Big Boned Biker have biked 500 miles this year! Feels great to know that I made a goal and FINISHED the goal. When the year first started out and I set this goal for myself, it was scary. The year before I did what 60-70 miles? The idea of 500, seemed so out of reach. As you can see though, I did it!!

So my goal for next year, taking votes: 1200, 1800, 2400? You get to decide! Vote by using the poll on this post…voting open till next Tuesday night!

If you would like to donate towards my other goal for next year, the door county bike tour, you can do so at every dollar helps and is appreciated.



What a week, some good some bad, but what a week.



I changed some tires for my dad on his old Murry Mt. Bike, but I didn’t notice that the ones I ordered were white wall. They also ended up being a bit larger than what he had on orignally, but with a bit of wrenching with the brakes I was able to get them to work. I wasn’t sure what my dad would think of the white walls, but he was thrilled! In fact, it made his old bike almost look like new, and with a slightly less knobby tread it was smooth sailing.




I noticed that Katrina has been running a bit sluggish, so after I examined her I noted that my back tire as out of true. So I took her in on this past Friday to see the “doctor” at the LBS. The said it would be done Sat. afternoon, however it wasn’t until late Monday that I got the call to pick her up. Turns out the rim wasn’t out of true. The adjusted my brakes out a bit, and I think that helped clear up the issue.



So on Wednesday I decided to give Katrina a good bathing/lubing, as the road grit was building up. What I discovered while doing this though was that I had worn through my back wheel. Needless to say I was not a happy camper, but was glad to know that I didn’t have to take it to my LBS to fix. I ended up finding some nice tires on amazon (, and while I had some 700×32’s on before I decided to go with 700×28’s. I am hoping that with the smaller diameter tire I will be able to pick up some speed, as well as being able to run a higher psi.



So today they were due to arrive, but since they were coming UPS I knew it would be late in the afternoon. Which, would be a good thing because we had our ultrasound today! I am happy to announce that our newest member of the family will be a boy! Though I was positive it would be a girl, I am very happy with another boy. So after we picked up my son from his aunts house, we went to wal-mart for a few things. When I got home at about 4:30 I was expecting my tires to be here, but they were not. They ended up not coming till about 7pm, and as soon as my son went down to bed I went to install them.



Installing them seemed pretty straight forward, after all I had done my dads tires earlier in the week. I had already removed the old tires/tubes from the rims, so I was able to skip that step. After aligning the valve with the valve hole it was a simple matter of setting the beads on the tire. Simple at least for the front tire, with the stock rim. The back tire was another beast all together, and it ended up taking me 30min of fighting, sweating, and swearing to get that tire on! In the end though I did prevail and after installing them on Katrina I went for a ride. I did not notice the size difference as much as I had hoped I would. However, when I went to take a turn, the agility of the tire really showed itself! I only went around the block quickly, and will be able to offer a better review after a longer ride.




Weight watchers wise, it was an ok week. Saturday I went completely overboard on some food choices, but still remained within my weekly/activity points. Despite my better efforts I only ended up loosing about a half pound. Which is better than a gain, but I consider that a maintain. I think I let some personal things going on affect my food choices. It reminds me that no matter how well I feel I am doing, I can easily slip back to my old habits if I let my guard down. Those of us on this type of journey have to take it all one bite at a time….



Keep on rolling,





Roses grow from the ashes.

Things have been going pretty well, lost 2 pounds this week. It was a pretty uneventful week though, and did get a few small rides in. Went out to Cuba city again, and on the way there I hit a 15mpg average, which felt awesome. Admittedly the ride on the highway is pretty flat though, but I think it will be similar to my tour in door county.

On the way back from Cuba city I felt zapped, I didn’t bring a snack and did not stop for a banana at kwik trip. I was struggling to even hit 8mph even on the flats. It felt like I had lead tires, and it was very discouraging. The next day I went riding and it felt EXACTLY the same way, even though I had just left the house. I got off Katrina and looked her over, I did find the problem. My seat had slipped down, robbing me of all my power. So I put the seat back where it belongs(thanks to some electrical tape I put on, I know exactly where to put it). Immediately it felt better, and I am glad I figured it out.

I went for another ride that night, and it went ok until I tried a new area out. I did NOT make it up the BBBEH’s that I found. It was extremely discouraging and left me feeling a bit depressed the next day. I was going up, and just lost all my motivation. I could see the top but my legs stopped moving, despite my “want” of getting up the hill. I stopped for a bit and started going again. I went about 5 feet and stopped again, feeling defeated. I turned around and road down the hill, yet there was another one steeper on the way back. I didn’t make it up that one in one go either, but while I was stopped I looked around noticing how wonderful the sunset was looking.

Sunset on Old Lancaster Rd
I was so focused on “getting up the hills” that I forgot to stop and look around at the beauty surrounding me. So I stopped, rested and simply relaxed. I got on my bike, pushed my self up the hill and headed home. While I did learn a valuable lesson, as I wrote before I was depressed going into the next day.

How do I stop feeling like a failure? I KNOW I could make it up those hills, but I quit, which means I failed. Failures never succeed, they are a looser, and a looser is worthless, worthless people are quitters. You get the idea. I would love to tell you that I simply examined it, shrugged it off and felt better. That would be a bold face lie. I did though realize that it wasn’t true. Yes I would love to have made it up those hills, but you can’t always win. I did NOT quit, because it isn’t something that can be quit. It is simply life, and you know what? I WILL make it up that hill eventually, and that day will feel all the sweeter. I am reminded of one of my childhood favorite movies, and a song that was on it.

It is something important to remember, that we never fail if we learn from our “failures”.

I am excited to mention that I have started doing a podcast with another stay at home dad(who plans to join me for the bike tour). I will post the link when it is available, but here is a link to his blog.

Don’t forget you can also donate to the bike tour at any donation is helpful!

Keep on Rolling!

Big Boned Biker

Mile stone


Some great news to share today…finally hit below 300 pounds. 295.6 is what I weighed in at tonight, this is the first time in 6 years since I have been this low. It still has not sunk in that I can tell people I weigh a weight with a 2 in front of it. As a reward the even gave me a really nice water bottle with an insulator cover. It will be great for some more bike riding, going to fill it up with ice to refill my bottle as I ride.

Katrina had some mechanical trouble yesterday though, involving her rear derailer. I am happy to report I was able to fix it myself. It was a very rewarding feeling doing my own work on her, as opposed to paying someone else $ for 5 min. of their time.

Not much else to write right now, please consider donating to my bike tour fund every dollar helps! hoping to make this dream a reality.

Keep on rolling,

Big Boned Biker

Rolling rolling rolling…

So today my wife was feeling pretty well. Which is not the norm since the pregnancy started. So I was able to go on a bike ride today! My goal I had in mind was Hazel Green WI, which is about 5 miles past Cuba city, giving me a total of 32. That was going to be my longest ride to date. However, things did not go as planned.


I DID make it to hazel green but, I had different idea at that point.

So I head off to Galena, Illinois! For those of you who are not familiar with that town, it has a HUGE BBBEH that leads down to the down town area. The down town area is full of specialty and fun shops of all types. When my wife heard I was going to Galena, she requested I pick her up something special from one of the shops. So I had to go down the BBBEH, which in turn meant I had to go UP the BBBEH. I made it up in one go, without stopping, which surprised me more than I can say. Also, my first time crossing the state line on Katrina!


As I headed back I thought about how much my life is changing, how I am not the man I was when this started. I never would have dreamed of doing this kind of ride, never would have dreamed about planning a 400+ mile bike tour. I love the person I am becoming, and considering I hated the person I was, it is a nice feeling. I still often times look in the mirror and see the #430+ guy looking back at me, however when I arrive home after my bike rides I don’t FEEL like that guy.

When I arrived at mile 42 I hit a wall, my energy felt sapped. I was eating through out, and chugging water as well, but didn’t seem to make a difference. I had a choice at that moment, keep going or call my wife to come get me. What did I decide to do? I got back in the saddle and kept on rolling. I still don’t know where that strength came from, but I do know that it is the tenacious attitude that has kept me going in this journey.


53 miles!! A half century, as it referred as in bike lingo. Took me about 5.5 hours!  Also, this made for a total of 100.5 miles this month, guess I made that goal happen!! This is the bar that I needed to set in order to the bike tour next year. I will frankly admit I was scared about doing it, perhaps because it means one less “shield” to hide behind. As I pull down these walls, I have to face the things on the other side. When, I do that and succeed, like I did today, it makes me that much stronger though. The stronger I get, the easier it is to push on further. After all, limits are there for us to break!

Keep on rolling!