What a day today! To start it off my son woke me up at 6:15 when I wasn’t going to get up till 7. Took him to his daycare VIA Katrina, and went to visit with my sister for a bit. Was a great visit and it was decided that lil BBB would spend the night but I would take them all to the library before hand. So we all biked over to the library after picking up lil BBB. After that I brought him back to my sisters and came home. I ate some lunch and chatted with a friend of mine, Mr. A, who is thinking about coming with me on the bike tour. He is, as I am, a SAHD, and I think he would enjoy it as much as I will.

After lunch I decided to postpone my trip to Cuba city again, to be honest I am a little bit nervous about doing the route. I “think” I know what to expect but I will be taking some roads I have never been on before hand. On google maps, it looked pretty safe and nothing to hard to handle though. So I sat down to play some computer games until the wife came home. I got my butt kicked by all those dang 12 year old’s with their lightning fast reflexes.

When da wife got home my package from amazon arrived! I ordered some new biking shorts and a mirror for Katrina. I rushed out side and installed the mirror and decided that I would actually try to go to Cuba city today.

Here is the link for the mirror . I highly recommend it and I don’t know how I ever got by without it!

For the ride home I decided to skip the side roads that are filled with BBBEH’s and take the highway. Having my mirror attached made a HUGE difference, I didn’t feel like any moment now a vehicle would sneak up on me. That extra confidence let me concentrate on the actual ride, and I must say I did well. I averaged about 11mph, with having all those hills on the first half I am very happy with that average.

Coming home I thought a lot about things going on, and how things have changed in my life. Katrina has changed the way I view life, when I see these hills ahead(literal and figurative) I am no longer as scared. I know that if I put my mind to the task, I will arrive at the top! There have been many times that I have found my self in 1×1 with no more gears to use and having to decided to walk or keep going. More often than not, I keep going, but even if I do walk I know that as long as I keep MOVING I am a winner.


In total today I did……..30 miles!!


I am still taking donations for next summers tour, if you would like to help the Big Boned Biker keep on rolling feel free to donate. You can donate directly here http://www.gofundme.com/BigBonedBiker

As always, keep on rolling!