One bad day

Sorry for the delay in the update but have been busy with life.

My brother was in town visiting, and we had a great time going for a bike ride. I really give him props as he is from Florida, the land where flat was born. He still did his best on our hills out here, and ended up with about 13 miles! Also considering he does not ride regularly it is even more an accomplishment!

So lets look back on how I mentioned those shoes fit….they still fit but I have not been wearing them for awhile. Why? They caused me to have 2 falls on the same day! I was at stop signs and my feet simply would not come loose from the pedals. Imagine for yourself, a rather large man sitting on a bicycle, flapping his arms like wings. He hopes to fly as he, in slow motion, falls towards the ground. His pride lays broken on the ground as he examines his bike to make sure it is ok. Fast forward to about 10 minuets later and repeat. I was very lucky with no major injuries to Katrina nor myself. I was worried as I fell once on each side, and I didn’t want to damage the rear derailleur.

So the voters have spoken and my new goal for next year will be 1200 miles, or 100 miles per month. I am excited to meet that goal next year, and have full faith I will! I know to most cyclist 500 miles does not seem like much, but it still blows my mind. I think even more so because all of last year I think I did about 60ish. Feels like I can do anything, like I am superman, well anything but fly as I fall to the ground on my bike.

So how was today? Ok, went to da big city and got measured for a new bike seat. Seems my butt has shrunk along with the rest of me. I can now use a more “normal” size saddle with a 165 measurement, which makes me happy as the saddle I really want will work! It will be awhile till I have the $$ to buy a new one though. Went and bought some baby clothes, my wife had a fun time with that I think. For lunch I did subway, and I have to thank my anchor and my rock, my wife. I really wanted to just get a foot long sub, but she convinced me that I would be happy with a 6”. She(as most times) was right, and the 6” was just perfect. Dinner on the other hand was not such a success. We went to my favorite restaurant in that town, Longhorn Steakhouse. I wanted to get a nice ribeye, but ended up going with a 8oz sirloin. I skipped the bread and had a salad with a baked potato for my sides. Great choices, and well within my points, in fact I had an extra 16! I decided to get a dessert and this is where the meal went south. I wanted some chocolate, and the “Stampede” looked like just the ticket. I knew it would be a lot of points, but could not find it on the weight watchers app. I found something I thought was similar and tracked it. When the beast arrived I was shocked at the size of it! Two HUGE pieces of this moose and chocolate type of cake, and 2 large scoops of ice cream. Sadly, before I could stop myself I ate half of it. I was in a daze, and had a bit of a “black out”. When I got home I decided to google the nutrtion information, and here is what I found:

calories        fat           s. fat       sodium  Carbs

Chocolate Stampede (Serves 2) 2180 131 73 760 229

Came out to 59 points!!!!!! WTF!! So for my entire day I ended up using 74 points for the day, I am given only 59.

Not to long ago, with a day like this I would be wanting to give up. Why continue since I apparently have not changed my eating habits? I am just going to gain all the weight back, as this is proof. Now however, I can look at this for what it is, ONE bad day. Tomorrow is a bright and new! Katrina will be waiting for me, and we will try to have a great adventure!

So remember, every meal is a new meal, every day a new day, and no matter how bad it was we get to restart at any time!

Keep on rolling!

Big Boned Biker

4 thoughts on “One bad day

  1. You are doing Great! Remember everyone makes mistakes. It is what we do after we make a mistake that shows what sort of person we currently are. You have come a long way on an incredible journey called Life and I am so proud to call you my son.


  2. Hi Micah! Barry and I are so proud of you! You have come such a long way! Barry says you should ride that 1200 miles and come see us in Moab! What a blessing it is to read your updates. You are a VERY talented writer too! Funny, engaging, and encouraging. Can’t wait to read the next one! Keep on truckin’
    Love ya!
    Michele and Barry


  3. you can fix your pedals so the clips come out easier!! plus when you take your foot out of the pedal, you turn them a little-you don’t just pull them up and out… hope you try it again-they can be hard to get used to -but I used them a long time in spinning class before getting a bike of my own…


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