Kitty litter panniers

Hey howdy hey!

So I have been working on a fun project I want to share with you all! ANYONE can do this!

Kitty Litter Pannier


4 “tarp hooks” (I bought mine for about $1.50 each)

8 bolts(1/4” worked well for the hooks I picked, I wanted mine to be able to tighten VIA Allen wrenches but that is a personal choice)

16 washers(sized to the bolts)

8 nylar nuts(sized to the bolts)

2 Plastic kitty litter containers(with lids if you want them to be water proof).

Step one: Buy a cat….wait hmm, perhaps you can just find someone who already has a cat and ask for the bins? If nothing else, you can purchase the buckets and donate the kitty litter to your local animal shelter!

Ok back to the project!

Step 1:Take your tarp hooks and mark the buckets where you want them to sit. Make sure to leave a little wiggle room.


Step 2: Cut out the slots for the hooks to attach, I used some snips with a sharp knife to score the edges. I then simply used some pliers to break the tabs off.


Step 3: Careful to keep them straight/level mark the holes for the bolts.


Step 4: Drill out the holes with the appropriate sized bit for your bolts. I used a drill with a brady point attached to make sure I was centered.


Step5: Placing a washer on each side install the tarp hook with the bolts.


Step 6: Repeat

Step 7: Hang on bike


I added a bungee cord around the middle to hold it down tight while I ride.

If you have any questions just let me know!

I can’t wait to take mine out for some real world tests, should be a lot of fun!

So now lets pick a color….


11 thoughts on “Kitty litter panniers

  1. I’d throw some reflective tape or stickers on there in case you bike at dusk so that people are aware of the wider-than-usual profile of those things, but I bet the boxy shape is very efficient for holding a greater quantity of stuff than most other options!


    1. My plan is to put the tape on next year, but the yellow color so far has worked well. The other nice feature is if your bike tips over they can protect your gears without taking any real damage.


  2. I used locking pannier clips that I purchased from a Canadian bike supply company, MSR (REI of Canada). Also, used a soldering iron to remove material instead of razor knife and to drill holes for attaching parts. Automotive starting fluid removed all the advertisement from the kitty litter buckets. Really love them and have made them for other touring cyclists. You can get miscellaneous hardware (stainless steel/nylon/locking nuts/ and nylon bushings/fender washers)from “THE BIG BOX STORES” that will allow you to fabricate lower securing hardware such as exists on major brand panniers. These kitty litter buckets never, ever leak and you can sit on them when camping.

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