Hey howdy hey!

So I have been working on a fun project I want to share with you all! ANYONE can do this!

Kitty Litter Pannier


4 “tarp hooks” (I bought mine for about $1.50 each)

8 bolts(1/4” worked well for the hooks I picked, I wanted mine to be able to tighten VIA Allen wrenches but that is a personal choice)

16 washers(sized to the bolts)

8 nylar nuts(sized to the bolts)

2 Plastic kitty litter containers(with lids if you want them to be water proof).

Step one: Buy a cat….wait hmm, perhaps you can just find someone who already has a cat and ask for the bins? If nothing else, you can purchase the buckets and donate the kitty litter to your local animal shelter!

Ok back to the project!

Step 1:Take your tarp hooks and mark the buckets where you want them to sit. Make sure to leave a little wiggle room.


Step 2: Cut out the slots for the hooks to attach, I used some snips with a sharp knife to score the edges. I then simply used some pliers to break the tabs off.


Step 3: Careful to keep them straight/level mark the holes for the bolts.


Step 4: Drill out the holes with the appropriate sized bit for your bolts. I used a drill with a brady point attached to make sure I was centered.


Step5: Placing a washer on each side install the tarp hook with the bolts.


Step 6: Repeat

Step 7: Hang on bike


I added a bungee cord around the middle to hold it down tight while I ride.

If you have any questions just let me know!

I can’t wait to take mine out for some real world tests, should be a lot of fun!

So now lets pick a color….