Something different

Just going to be a short post for today. I am very proud of what I have ridden this month. I feel like I am finally getting to the point where I can call my self a cyclist. I grab my bike over my car any time I get the chance. I have done 7 hours in the saddle, and still rode the next day. I LOVE IT!

The Platteville human powered trail group built a new Mt bike trail here in town. I went to the ribbon cutting with my dad, and tried it out. Unfortunately, Katrina was not a fan of it with her skinnier wheels/slicker tread. I was sliding all over the place, and was very lucky that the group had brought some loaner bikes to use! I never knew mountain biking would be so fun! It was an uber easy course, but gave me a small taste. I think I could get into it, even riding downhill was a work out.

After we did the trail, we went and took the other trail out to Menards, it was a great time. I can’t remember the last time we were able to β€œsit” down and talk like that. No computers, no cell phones, no toddler, just some time with my dad! No matter how old you get, you never get to old for some one on one time.

After we were done and he went home, I decided to put in a few more miles. I rode out to the M before returning home. It was a great ride, a slight breeze, and the weather was really perfect. Still struggle a bit with that last climb, but nothing like I use to. Riding home was quick, and all said I put about 16 miles in for the day.

I plan to post my monthly numbers tomorrow night, like I said I am very proud of it!

Remember, only YOU can change your life.

Keep on Rolling,



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