Title Not Included

Not much to update right now, have not had a lot of time to get out biking due to weather and bike problems. That being said, still doing well otherwise, loosing slowly and steadily. I have about 12 pounds to loose by 01/09/14 to make a goal I set.

So today something interesting happened, to be honest even kind of weird. I went to Kmart to buy some clothes, I needed some new ones for a vendor show I am doing. I went over to look for some shirts, which I am ecstatic to say is now a 2xl! I found a very nice long sleeve sweater to wear, and started looking for pants. Here is how it went:
50×30 nope
48×29 nope
46 x30 nope
44 x29 nope

Where did the 42’s go? I figured ok, they must just be out of stock and go look for a new style. Again though, the smallest I find is a 46 this time, without a 42 in sight! Row after row I search in vain, there are no 42’s! Then it hits me, the humor of it all, I am in the fat man section(known properly as the big and tall), and I am not fat enough! HA! Talk about a slap in the face of reality! I went over to what I call the normy section, and low and behold my 42’s!

I go and try on the combo and I felt the shirt was a bit snug. When I looked in the mirror though I was shocked at what I saw! At home the only mirror we have is the one above the bathroom sink, so I don’t typically see myself often. Standing side ways I always look like I was pregnate and about to give birth, today however, I looked good! I even said out loud “WOW” because while I am still a bit plump I am far from being HUGE like I was before this started.

Here is a picture from the first day when I wore a 2XL shirt in over 5+ years .


I sure do love my NSV’s!

Keep On Rolling,

Big Boned Biker

4 thoughts on “Title Not Included

  1. Not much to update?! Finding out that stuff fits you in the 2XL range is a feat in itself from where you once were. That’s my next stop too! Keep going dude! … “Race ya!” 🙂


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