Guest Blog part 2

Hey you made it! So lets continue the story where it left off….

Katrina, my trusty steed sat in that garage, anguishing that she had been sold to a fatty such as I. I soon found myself at a point where I was regaining any little bit of weight I had lost from first buying her. So I decided to do something drastic, something that would be a last ditch effort, something that I knew wouldn’t work! I rejoined Weight watchers, despite the fact in the past I had done horribly on it. If I remember correctly the previous time I had done WW I lost about 15 pounds and gained 20!

I joined, and the first week I lost 8 pounds! The “hellz ya I got this” attitude is a dangerous one. The next week we had some friends visit and went to check out the historical re-enacment(fur trader era I believe). I still remember the smell of the kettle corn, actually being cooked in a kettle at that, it was like ambrosia, so needless to say I felt that I deserved it. After all I had lost 8 pounds the week before right? Since I did so well, I should also have myself some lovely pizza, I mean I lost 8 pounds didn’t I?
I think you get the picture right? I felt so bad about the food I decided to not track it, because as ever one who ever has done WW(or many other diets as well) knows, if you don’t track it you DIDN’T eat it!

I gained, big surprise right? BOOM! BAM! THWAP! It hit me, it hit me hard and fast! You can not trick the scale!!! Nothing you tell yourself will allow that to happen, you weight what you weight. Since that day I have not missed a day of tracking yet(that was back in sept. 2012).

I also started riding Katrina again right before I rejoined WW. In 2012 I put on about 60ish miles! For a person of my size that was great! I still did not bike as much as I wanted, but winter came sooner than I had hoped as well. I spent the winter in the gym dreaming of hitting the road on the back of my majestic metal steed! I worked hard, and by spring I was down a hundred pounds. This year I put on 901 miles(though there were a few trips that I didn’t count). I am planning on doing a bike your next year( ) of about 400+ miles.

For those of you who are new, I encourage you to go through the old entries, and for those who have already been here, thank you all for your encouragement.


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