Two showers

I took a shower today, isn’t that nice to know? Well I kind of took two showers today, the first when my youngest son spewed milk all over me(covering my entire body in it), and the second one that followed. My wife finds it funny, but I would rather be covered in barf than to listen/watch her suction buggers out of his nose. I hear that a milk bath is good for the skin though…but I digress.

The downside to having such young kids is that it has been hard to get to the gym this week. I did manage to go once, but have not been back yet. As many of you know, I am not shaving till I hit under 260# lost. Last week I weighed in at 260.8, which is right on par for me as I always miss my goals by a pound or less. I think it put me a bit on my laurels thinking that it shouldn’t be an issue to loose that pound. Dangerous thinking, one that I recommend everyone watches out for!

I don’t know what the outcome will be tomorrow, my home scale fluctuates so much from right on to +10! I always think of one thing before I step on the scale, something that I can be happy about even if I don’t like that number. This week though, I have been struggling to think of what that could be. I haven’t been out of the house much thanks to this polar vortex, no nsv’s, and my life has been pretty boring. Sure I could go with “I have a healthy family”, but I want something more. What could I pick?

It hit me tonight, after watching the biggest looser I decided to try and do some push ups. I can do 10 comfortably and decided I would push for 12. It didn’t happen, but when I looked down I saw this sack hanging below me. A big old sack of skin, and realized it was all the extra skin(and some fat) hanging down! I could see the contours of my new “belly” all around it and it just hung there. It was a real eye opener and reminded me of just how far I have come. So this week, my happy thought is that I have a sack of skin hanging down. I hope I didn’t ruin your appetite with that one, but if I did I am sorry.

On a plus side, my depression has been getting better, with every day of winter spring is one day closer, right? Though I am very pissed at my sisters family/my mom, who are down in Florida right now! -30* and they are in the sunshine state! I hate you all with a frozen passion lol!

Been working on figuring out things for my bike tour, I have been mainly trying to figure out gear I can make instead of buy. I have an upcoming project I plan to blog about with making my own camping stove! I get a great satisfaction when I make things with my own hands, and they work, makes you feel “real” in a sense.

Don’t have much else to report, hoping the WI goes well tomorrow, wish me some happy helium thoughts if you can!

A quick tip before I go: You are not fat, only your body is!

Keep On Rolling,

Big Boned Biker

If anyone would like to help donate towards my bike tour you can do so at every bit helps, thanks!


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