Fuzzy wuzzy

So today has been an interesting one, I have been left in charge of both boys for 2 days! Needless to say, I am very busy(was lucky to even get the time to start writing this up) but I wanted to share a small update.

As of this evening, with a loss of 5.4#, I am now below 260! I finally get to shave, and to celebrate I am going to book a “hot shave” with the local barber shop! I have always wanted to have one done and I think it is the perfect way to celebrate.

So I have not been getting to the gym as much as I had hoped/want and the last two times I have gone have been after a long night with Lil BBB2. Despite my best efforts I hit a wall at about 30 min in, and just have to stop. It pains me, in more ways than physical. It makes me feel like a quitter, I can’t be the guy who stops because he is tired! However, I am that guy. I find my self drained and begin the walk of shame back to my locker. I hate that walk, where you go and put back on your clothes, feeling like the whole gym knows your a quitter. Am I a quitter?

Yes, I am, but that’s ok. I have been pushing myself to hard working out lately and find myself sore for days afterwords. Even though it is disheartening to not do the 60 min workout like I planned, I know that I will not be limping around the house the next day. That alone gives me a chance to do more things, such as play hide and seek with my son! Though, he needs to work on his hiding skills because he tends to run back at me laughing when I quit counting.

So when is it not ok to be a quitter? That is a tough one, I think for me it is when I am quitting emotionally way before my body is giving out. If I go “balls to the wall” and don’t make it up the hill, that’s fine. If I only give it a half effort, and stop at the first feeling of pain, to me that is when it isn’t ok. I know when I quit for the wrong reasons, because it eats away at me. When I quit at the gym the other day, I felt depressed and angry, but that soon passed when I realized my body just needed rest. Last week, I had an extra piece of pizza(I tracked for 3 but ate 4), that made me feel like I failed. Something I have learned though, “you never fail, you only learn”.

So what does all that mean? We only quit till we try again! I often times hear people tell me how they “fell off the wagon”, and that they will start again tomorrow. I always remind them that they can start again RIGHT NOW. The three steps to come back from “quitting”:
1. Acknowledge
2. Learn from it
3. Move on

When we see the issue it means we are able to deal with it. Many people who quit, deny that there ever was an issue. I use to tell myself “I’m not fat, because that person is fatter”, yet it turns out I am fat. So when you eat that extra slice of cake, or cut your workout short, recognize the incident and got to step 2.

Learn from it, learn from it, learn from it. Analyze what happened, pick it apart if need be. For me at the gym, I learned that I really can’t expect myself to put in 110% when I am only running on 50% energy levels. When I have that extra slice of pizza, I need to learn WHY I ate that pizza(in the case in mind, it was really yummy and I was really hungry). This is also the time to make up a game plan for the future. What can you do to help you not “quit”? Maybe set different goals at the gym such as a 40 min workout instead of an hour. Plan to bring a healthy snack when you know you will be eating late. Hit that hill till you make it to the top in one go. Step three is next, and it is the most important!

Move on! Don’t dwell on it, you messed up, ok, you did the first two steps and now your done. When you move on, you give yourself permission to forgive yourself. You can’t stay mad about what happened, it will only make things worse. Pick up your hat, dust off your jeans and get back on that horse!

Ok, so this is two posts of mine in a row that have gone in to “steps”, so I promise to not post any more for awhile lol. Thanks for barring with me, even if I have been rambling on a bit here.

Keep on Rolling,

Big Boned Biker


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