I had a big long post in mind, all about trying out simply filling, a version of weight watchers where you don’t use points. The thing is, I just really don’t want to write about it right now. I don’t want to write about much of anything. Things aren’t going great, nor good, nor bad, they are just going meh. Each day is just rolling into the next, and I sit at home with my boys watching tv, eating, maybe play in the backyard a bit, and then its dinner and bed. Wash rinse repeat..over and over again. My youngest of course still needs to be fed every 2-3 hours, seemingly a endless chain of feedings(lately he also doesn’t want to nap much). Potty training my older boy, and it SUCKS SUCKS SUCKS SUCKS. It makes me not want to go anywhere because I have to bring 5 pairs of clothes for the boy. I still struggle with my shyness and it makes it hard for me to meet new people(have to leave the house for that I suppose). Just not doing great right now, but it could be worse.


On the plus side, we are switching out WI day back to Wednesdays! This means I will have my Saturday mornings back again, and can maybe put in some longer rides. It is tough, I want to spend time with my wife and kids, but I am craving some alone time as well. I am relatively alone all day, as three year old aren’t much for talking politics or the latest movies. Yet I just crave those hours I can sit on my bike and just zone out for awhile. The wind blows past my ears, the monotonous sound of the pedal strokes, the gentile sound of the tires buzzing on the path, all come together to create an almost zen like mood. I have never found anything else like it, the harmony of my body working with the simple machines. It releases my soul, and rejuvenates my entire being, it makes me whole again.

I can not wait till next year when I can take both boys out on the bike with me! It will feel like I am getting some freedom back again (since my car is broken right now), and it will be nice to get to some fun places a bit further from the house. So while so much sucks right now, I know it will only get better! Until that time I keep repeating my motto—

Keep On Rolling!

Big Boned Biker

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