Simply Filling plan on Weight Watchers

So the last few days have been a bit hellish in the BBB household, my boys both have been working hard at stressing me out. LB1 has been melting down every time I ask him a question, ranging from “do you need to go potty?” To “ready for dinner?”. LB2 is at a stage where he doesn’t want to nap, and he doesn’t want to be put down, he just wants daddy to hold him. Yes, I know he will only be this little once, he is almost 6 months old, but sometimes daddy has some stuff to take care of! Dishes backed up in the sink, and by the time my wife comes home I am ready to pull my hair out. Lovely eh?

One plus though, I have an amazing wife who has been very understanding about it all. She doesn’t get upset at the state of the house when she gets home, she comes home and hops right in. I often hear from other stay at home parents how their spouses come home and won’t help out around the house/with the kids. I consider myself lucky to have her in my life, and wouldn’t trade her for the moon(sorry hun you’re stuck with me). I know that this too shall pass and I need to find a positive way to get these emotions out.


As some of you already know I tried out simply filling from weight watchers, and I just wanted to share my experience with it. First you have to understand what the difference is, simply filling(and simple start) is a secondary program that Weight Watchers offers. In this program you don’t get daily points, instead you only get your 49 “weeklies”, the reason for this is that any “power foods” you eat are zero points. Any food other than power foods come out of your weekly 49, and activity points. What is a power food? No clue how they decide which is or which isn’t but there is a big list of them all.

The part that is also different, by nature of not counting points you also get to eat as much as you need. Please note, NEED not WANT. You are able to eat until you are satisfied, how ever much that might be for you. First thought, or at least mine, if I knew how to do that I wouldn’t be fat! Right? The principle behind this is, the power foods are more filling and you won’t eat as much. Makes sense, sorta, but I wondered if it would work for me. I figured at this point with the ups and downs(more up than down right now), it couldn’t hurt to try it.

Day one: Went very well, but doesn’t it always?
Day two: Not so well, ate out and blew through a bunch of my 49
Day three: Back on track I got this..whats for lunch?
Day four: Dinner got messed up, lets get pizza and find myself in the negative..whats for lunch
Day five: F it all, but I will stay “on plan”..whats for lunch
Day Six: CRAP, I need to be good, I need to be good, I need to be good..whats for lunch
Day Seven: I wasn’t as good as I should have been, but one last chance..whats for lunch
Weight In: Down! .4 ….:-| ..whats for lunch

Everyone I had seen who tried it lost big # on their first week, and I had expected the same for me. I sat down and cried to myself after WI. Why? Why didn’t it work for me? Have I hit the end, and I am going up? Is this my “set point” and my body says this line and no further? Did I stop when I was satisfied? BINGO, that was the right question. NOPE, I kept hitting just past the point of satisfied, by just past the point I mean I stuff my gob(always a fun work to use, no?). Lunch was still a struggle for me, and I found myself eating a huge salad, 2 sweet potatoes, 2 yogurts, and gnawing on the chair. It wasn’t truly out of hunger, and I knew it, I was bored/stressed out. Emotions tasted so yummy! SMH

I should tell you right now, SF(simply filling), not for me! I can’t stop, which is a sobering thing to realize and admit even to myself. The points act as an anchor for me, one I never realized, they keep me from drifting away from the docks. I could tell when I was satisfied, but I simple made a choice to ignore it. I did however learn something about myself, and that alone is a bit of a victory. Does SF sound horrible to you? Sorry, not my intentions, I just wanted to share my personal experience on it. Many people love it, and I encourage people to try it if they find themselves in a slump. One nice thing about it is that you can switch from day to day, you just can’t switch mid-day. I also switched my WI day from Saturday mornings to Wednesday nights again! I missed my Wednesday WI and feel very rejuvenated!

Trigger Foods
I support Bun control

What have we learned today? I am stressed out, have an amazing wife, tried SF, didn’t like SF, and learned more about myself in the process. I learned I am not superman, I can struggle just like everyone else(and that is perfectly ok), I will likely never have full control of my eating(like an alcoholic and drinking), anchors can be in places you never expected to find them.

If you have any questions about my experience feel free to comment below and I will do my best to answer/share about it!

Keep On Rolling,

Big Boned Biker


One thought on “Simply Filling plan on Weight Watchers

  1. The “lifestyle” plan I try to follow, secondary to a medical issue, sounds very similar to Simply Filling – there are foods you can eat virtually as much as you want, foods you follow specific servings, and foods you should avoid (or completely avoid). I have such a hard time sticking with the serving sizes and avoiding what I need to – but you’re inspiring me to get back on the “bike” with it to see what I can do. See you soon, BBB!


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