Review: Delta Smartphone Caddy

Cell Phone Holder Review

Delta Smartphone Caddy


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I looked far and wide for a cell phone holder for my bike, I finally settled on one from amazon, only to discover that it would take 1-2 MONTHS to get. Instead, I decided to go to my local bike shop, Bucks Bicycle, and see what they would have. What they showed me was this item, and my first thought was this is junk! It looks like it will send my phone flying over the first bump I hit, but he was willing to open it up and let me put my phone in it.

I slipped my phone in, still in it’s otter box commuter case, and it actually felt secure! It still felt like cheap plastic, so I gave it a good wild shake. I expected my phone to go flying, and of course I was wrong, it stayed put, not moving at all. The price was right on point with Amazon, and I had another item to buy anyways, so I bought it. Instillation was pretty straight forward, and I mounted it right on my stem cap.


My first real test came when I took an off road trail, full of holes, water, brush and just plan nasty. I am happy to report, and you will be happy to hear, it didn’t move! The only things I would change about it are the color and I wish it would enclose for rain.

MRP_1866 MRP_1870

Cost: $

Quality: I would give it a B, still feels really cheap and I do wonder how it would handle a crash.

Ease of use:Very easy to use, and comes with pads to adjust for the thickness of your phone. They also sell another size for smaller phones

Durability: B so far it has proven it can hold a phone, but long term has yet to be seen.

Value: A, great price for a great phone holder! I highly recommend you pick this up, and if you use the link at the top you would be even more awesome!

MRP_1862 MRP_1864


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