Musing by the fire 08/16/14


Sitting by the fire, the smoke is in my eyes. My oldest son is falling asleep in the tent, with the stars above him to watch. I originally left him at home, and that was a big mistake! I told myself, it will be nice to be away, but I missed his company. I don’t know why I can’t express it better, sometimes I just get so fed up with him! As we walked in the moonlight tonight, to go listen to the frogs in he pond, I told him he is my camping buddy, and he said daddy your my camping buddy. I can’t promise I won’t ever camp without him, but I won’t let weather, attitude, or thinking I want solitude, keep me from bringing him with me.

Thinking back when I was a kid, this was always what I wanted, quality one on one time with my dad. Unfortunately, and to no fault to him, that never happened. My dad isn’t the outdoors type, and I don’t fault him for it, when I was younger I was taken away to live with my mom. My mom was bed ridden so the closest we ever got to camping was with my brother in the back yard. That trip ended shortly due to pitching our tents on a red ants nests.


I think it was tv that made me want to go camping, it showed fathers and son bounding in the great outdoors. I wasn’t close to my dad when I was young, and he make role models in my life were abusive. I felt that if we went camping, my world would be better. I remember being very young and at a campmeeting, an SDA church annual event, and we were in a camping tent. Though I don’t thing we had any campfires, and I remember being bit to death by buggies.

It is funny that the person whom I’ve bonded most with over a fire is my stepmom. Though she is just mom to me. I remember after I moved up to Wisconsin, some of my best days were spent in front if a fire, with her reading books to us. Yes I was a teenager, so what? Fires were a bounding time, even to this day, we are twin “pyros” when ever we get the chance.


Now I am thirty, I have two boys of my own, and what better way to bond with my own boys, then through the mystical flames of a campfire?

Lil BBB 1 and lil BBB 2, we are camping buddies for life!



Keep on rolling,

Big boned biker


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