Day 15/30

What a cluster duck of a day! The other issue is I’m addicted to a new game: Space engineers! Up till 2am playing it every night, and I don’t think that is helping. Going to focus on getting more sleep and see if it helps.





Day 14/30

This is how my “week” began, and it wasn’t pretty. I don’t know why but I’m very depressed right now, but pretty sure it is the Christmas blues. Christmas was always s big deal for my mom, and with the boys getting older it hits me more that she is gone. I did get in a small workout at least.



Day 11/30

I made poor choices, I made more poor choices, I made the most poor choices. Good news is I am home for the week, with no big out of town traveling for a while. Yet, why did I make the poor choices? I let my situation dictate my eating. On the road? Need snacks and fast food! We had planned a nice time to get home where I could make a quick dinner, but due to a traffic jam( Man was threatening to jump off a bridge) it was to late. We fed the boys, my oldest picked subway, which I promptly decided to go with…well i should have atleast. Instead, one the boys go to bed I ordered pizza, and am really feelking sick from it right now. I am bloated and feel like someone is squzzing my face. Water tomorrow, and a bike ride for sure!

So here it is Day 11

Day 11/30
Day 11/30