Day 1/30

I have been out of control for awhile now but I will not give up, there ain’t no quit in me! With that in mind I am trying something new that is really taking me out of my comfort zone. For the next 30 days I will be posting my daily food logs, for every one to see for all eternity.

This isn’t easy for me, though I am very open in my writing I am ashamed of the food choices I have been making lately. I have been on major downward spiral and even though I am applying the brakes I still am skidding. I hope that by posting these logs it will let me be more mindful of what I am eating. I really hate to show that I ate 2 cups of mini-marshmallows along with 4 peanut butter cups, which is what happened the other day. In addition to this, thank to an ignominious donor I was able to purchase this Bike Trainer to be able to start exercising again! Look for a review to follow soon!

So drum roll please…………………………………………………………………………………………


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Day 1 of 30 in the Food Log Challenge


Today was a bad day! I started off doing well but boredom hit mid-afternoon , when I decided that I would make bread for dinner tonight. We had it planned to eat a stuffed pepper soup, which is amazing and almost all simply filling foods! My wife ended up working late and by the time she got home I had eaten nearly half the loaf. We also changed from the planned soup to panda express, which added in a few more points.

On the plus side, I worked on getting my water in, and am on day 3(i think) of going cold turkey on energy drinks. This has had the added benefit of me actually getting a bit more sleep, I am getting to bed around midnight instead of 3am.

Tomorrow WILL be a better day!

Nothing changes until you DO!

Keep On Rolling,



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