Day 3/30

It arrived! My new bike trainer arrived today! I will be writing up a review on it with in a week…I will comment on this one thing though, I apparently decided to go with a Thomas color scheme lol

thomas the bike engine
Katrina The Bike Engine



Eating wise it went meh..I did go over my points a bit but I also earned some points as well. In the end it evened out, but my goal this week is to no be negative on my weeklies!  Sadly today was actually good enough weather to bike ride outside but I wasn’t really able to go(minus taking Tallulah down the road and back for .25 mile). Jumping back though, the indoor trainer is going to be a fun addition and even the Simba agrees(Pardon the mess).the lion king rides the bike

unfortunately weight watchers is down so this was the only way for me to load them today..the last two, the difference is including my activity. Also, Hi Becky!3-30a




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