Day 7/30

I have been on weight watchers for a long time now, yet sometimes I still find little “surprises” in my tracker. Here is how I thought my day would be today :

weight watchers food logging
What I thought it was…

Nice and sensible, I even talked my wife into getting one! I must say I love the Egg White Veggie Wrap, and for 4 points I usually get two of them. A few hours later my wife texts me, turns out I was ordering the FLATBREAD not the wrap. CRAP! UGH! ARGH!  How could I be so idiotic? I have been eating this for 6 months now and never made sure I was tracking the right freaking thing. My wife told me to not worry, learn from it and move on. I DON’T WANT TO JUST MOVE ON! I wanna go cry in my pillow and scream out my frustration. I have been saying “track it and move on” to much lately and the scale is showing me. After a bit though I calmed down, looked at my tracker, and started to learn.

The reason this had me so pissed off though, is because  I had  my day worked out already! I had even earned about 6 activity points. My goal for the week is to use no weeklies/Activity points, but that was becoming a bust on day one. You see, I am a creature of habit, every Wednesday I order the same meal, I order it the same way, and even tend to sit in the same spot. However, I had to change it today and drop the chips, and still digging 3 points into my weeklies. *argh* I will not let this get me down though, and will just keep pushing forward! I won’t be weighing in officially for the rest of this year due to schedule but will still be doing it at home. Based on that I was down #3.4!

So here is how my day ended up:

Showing my food log as a way of sharing my experince.
…what it really was!

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