Moving on and making changes…

First, sorry for not updating in awhile, life just gets in the was. Second, thank for hanging around anyways! Third, I actually don’t have a third.
I posted on my Facebook today a message “Moving on..change takes time but sometimes, it’s time for a change!”. I posted that because today was a major step in changing myself. I woke up this morning wanting the new fitbit Surge. but being sans the money to purchase it. I found my ski mask and gun, and headed to the bank. Quickly deciding that was a bad idea, since I don’t own a ski mask or gun, I had to think of something else. Staring ahead I noticed our movie wall. It was at that moment I realized we NEVER really watch them anymore, so why keep them ? I start listing different ones on some Facebook garage sale groups, but not really getting any bites. I wanted to raise $250 and this didn’t seem to be happening.

I will, as is my usual fashion, take a pause here to talk about something else. I have an addictive personality, whether food, computer/video games, cycling, weight loss, collecting, and jobs(I became certified at my last job, even though I didn’t need it). Really just about anything! This has lead to a lot of issues in my life, from weight to money troubles. At one point I collected about 2k in star wars items, sadly not anything that had true collectors value. This brings me to my other issue, I am a hoarder, and I keep things, I don’t get rid of them. One time my wife and I got in a fight over a stupid orange foam cowboy hat. I wore it at an event and it won me $50! How can you get rid of a lucky orange foam cowboy hat!! It has been a struggle for me to let things go, but slowly I have been. Why did I feel the need to interrupt the story to share this, because of what came next.

“I could sell my star wars stuff?” I said, hesitantly, my wife said something along the lines of “it’s your stuff and that is your choice”. This was hard, I remember buying so many of those things, and I had already gotten rid of the majority of it. I kept my favorite ones, my mighty mugg collection, my helmets and my r2-d2(voice activated one, even danced). Remember what I said about change? This was that change. Those things were a representation of the old me, the fat me, the hoarder me, the lazy me, the wrong me. Weird to thing of it like that, the wrong me, it is so true though, it isn’t the me I am suppose to be. The right me is, strong(emotionally and physically), balanced(in all aspects), and sharing. That is the RIGHT me, so I only had one choice. I sold them! I sold them ALL! Over 100 items, poof, gone. I knew I would feel that panicky, heart racing, tearful, feelings, but afterwords that isn’t how I felt. I took a deep breath, smiled and felt like a giant weight was lifted off of me. I slayed a demon today, maybe not the darkest of demons, but a demon non the less. The sweetest part of it is getting to look down at my wrist, seeing my new fitbit Surge, and remembering what it truly cost me.

My Reward and Reminder

I had to wait for this change, I had to get to the right place, but had I not acted, it wouldn’t be done! I am going to throw a back link in here as well, since it is the new year, here is some gym tips.