When I started this blog I was 28 and 450#(approximately) and I came to realize that I need to change my life. I have two sons, who are my entire world along with a wonderful wife who is taking this journey with me! With the help and support of my family and loved ones I know that I can do it! I hope you will join me, and share my triumphs as well as my defeats.


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  1. Hi BBB! Your dad put me onto your blog. I’m a big fan of his classical computer works. They moulded me into the computer guy I am today. He literally inspired hundreds of thousands if not millions of kids who are now “grown ups” too.

    Going back to your blog though: Well done for the efforts so far. This will be an inspiration to me also (“BBB – English Edition”).

    I have lost just over 2 stone since August just by cycling more and walking more as well as altering my diet (but not extremely – just better eating). BTW: Cool freedom list – I need to make one also. I’m now following you. Keep up the good work fella… looking forward to more posts for further inspiration from you.

    Wishing you, your family and little ones all the very best! Steve aka therealeasterbunny


  2. Hi there! Thanks for stopping by my blog this week. I managed to lose weight a few years ago, but have fallen off the wagon and piled it back on, so I’m now back into the battle. Here’s hoping for some shared online motivation 🙂

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  3. Hello! I found your blog through a post on the Clydesdale/Athena board on bikeforum. I think your transformation so far is amazing! I see that you started riding on a Raleigh Detour 4.5 2011. At your heaviest, how did that bike work for you? I am a little smaller than you were when you started riding and an looking for a bike i won’t demolish.


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