Rolling rolling rolling…

So today my wife was feeling pretty well. Which is not the norm since the pregnancy started. So I was able to go on a bike ride today! My goal I had in mind was Hazel Green WI, which is about 5 miles past Cuba city, giving me a total of 32. That was going to be my longest ride to date. However, things did not go as planned.


I DID make it to hazel green but, I had different idea at that point.

So I head off to Galena, Illinois! For those of you who are not familiar with that town, it has a HUGE BBBEH that leads down to the down town area. The down town area is full of specialty and fun shops of all types. When my wife heard I was going to Galena, she requested I pick her up something special from one of the shops. So I had to go down the BBBEH, which in turn meant I had to go UP the BBBEH. I made it up in one go, without stopping, which surprised me more than I can say. Also, my first time crossing the state line on Katrina!


As I headed back I thought about how much my life is changing, how I am not the man I was when this started. I never would have dreamed of doing this kind of ride, never would have dreamed about planning a 400+ mile bike tour. I love the person I am becoming, and considering I hated the person I was, it is a nice feeling. I still often times look in the mirror and see the #430+ guy looking back at me, however when I arrive home after my bike rides I don’t FEEL like that guy.

When I arrived at mile 42 I hit a wall, my energy felt sapped. I was eating through out, and chugging water as well, but didn’t seem to make a difference. I had a choice at that moment, keep going or call my wife to come get me. What did I decide to do? I got back in the saddle and kept on rolling. I still don’t know where that strength came from, but I do know that it is the tenacious attitude that has kept me going in this journey.


53 miles!! A half century, as it referred as in bike lingo. Took me about 5.5 hours!  Also, this made for a total of 100.5 miles this month, guess I made that goal happen!! This is the bar that I needed to set in order to the bike tour next year. I will frankly admit I was scared about doing it, perhaps because it means one less “shield” to hide behind. As I pull down these walls, I have to face the things on the other side. When, I do that and succeed, like I did today, it makes me that much stronger though. The stronger I get, the easier it is to push on further. After all, limits are there for us to break!

Keep on rolling!