Today was a day where I woke up feeling defeated.


Today was a day where I woke up feeling defeated. No energy, not even 2 cups of DeathWish coffee could wake me up! Despite this, I really wanted to get in a workout this morning, and the best time was after dropping my oldest off at pre-k. One of the most awesome things about my gym is the free daycare! I love the fact that it allows me to work out during the day time, and not having to wait till the kids go to bed. My youngest loves it so much, he practically runs the entire way once we get inside.

After getting him settled in I went to the locker room to get changed. While in the locker room I felt like I could lay down on the bench and sleep right there. I honestly wasn’t sure how I would make it through a workout, let alone off the damn bench. Yet, I managed to get dressed and found that the gym was happily dead. I picked a treadmill, with a buffer on each side because my heart rate monitor will get picked up by the machines next to me as well. While loading up my Couch to 5k app, I really wondered if I could actually get through the entire 30 mins. I had no get up and go, no energy to speak of, and I was pretty sure I would start walking and quit 5 min. into it. Ever felt this way? What did you do? Here’s how it went for me.

I did the warm up and realized this was crazy and quit. I went next door to the pizza place and ate an entire large pizza, with 4 full calorie sodas. Not really though, after the warm up I decided I would just walk the entire thing, but when the “ding, start running!” sounded, I found myself turning it up and running. When it finished I swore that I was going to walk the next one, because I am beat. “Ding, start running” and again I turned it up to run. This went on for awhile and each time I would finish running I would tell myself “next time we walk”. I was defeated but I refused to give up, I ended up running all of them and finished out the full 30 mins! I ended up earning a badge, and I must say it was highly appropriate.


Determination? Even though I swore I was quitting at every chance, when it came time to make a choice, I picked pushing through it. It wasn’t an easy choice, and I instantly regretted it as I gasped for air like a fish out of water. But the regret I would have felt by giving up would have been even worse. Remember, when the road gets rough up ahead, just take it one step at a time. When you do, you will find yourself getting through the rough patch before you know it! YOU ARE WORTH IT!

Keep on Rolling,

Big Boned Biker

Type R when you’re ready!

A you ready for the a challenge?

So now it is time for a new challenge! This one is inspired by some recent self-discovery which I will get into in a bit.

From Today Sunday August 23rd until September 24th the challenge is to exercise for 30 min. every day. The intensity and what you do is dealers choice, and if you already work out daily, add an extra 30 min.

Many of you might be thinking that it is impossible/impractical for you to exercise EVERY day for 30 min, but I guarantee you it is not. Exercising is more than just hitting the gym or jogging for 5 miles! It can be playing with your kids, walking around the mall, building a life size replica of the Star Ship Enterprise (letter of your choosing) out of Popsicle sticks! Ok maybe not that last one, but you get the point. Though, when will you find the time? Do I really need to say it? Do I? As a character on the big bang theory might say “if you have time to lean, you have time to exercise!”, it’s about prioritizing our time. The other thing is, if you can’t do 30 min at once, can you do two 15 min or three 10 min? It’s ok to do it that way too! I know when I first started 30min wouldn’t have been do able, and if that’s the case, break it up to what ever amount you need to in order to get through the 30.

Here is my before picture(Taken after my first 30 min work out):



Take your own and if you want to share it feel free to post on my Facebook!


What brought this about? As I wrote before I was doing really well, empowered and on top of the world. I quickly found myself laying face first in the mud (cake?) and struggling again. Why did I do so well the previous weeks, and do so poorly now? There is ONE thing that stood out to me, and it’s something I have been dealing with along time. I am a computer gaming addict.

I have been getting on my computer the moment my kids are in bed, sometimes even before, and I won’t get up (outside needing to take a Bio break for bathroom/food/drink) till 12-1am. 7:00ish-1am I am on the computer. That is a part time job. If it’s the weekend and we aren’t busy, I’ll be on it all day as well. I can easily put in 40 hours a week of gaming, and when I am not gaming, all I think about is gaming. Building a new design in Space Engineers, or what quest should I run next in Guild War and so on. If left to my own devices I would, and have, game non-stop. It is effecting my health and my relationships, as I don’t want to do things with others when it might take up gaming time. I worry/freak out if I won’t be able to log on to get my “daily” reward on GW2. There is an upcoming trip to Raleigh NC for the National At-Home Dad Network annual convention, and I almost wasn’t going to go. Reason being? I won’t be able to log in for my daily reward. A trip I have been looking forward to since last year, missed, all over a stupid game. About a month or so ago, I felt the game was taking up to much of my time and I deleted it. I said goodbye to my guild mates, and in less than 24 hours I was back on again. It is addicting being someone else, in a world that you “control”.

What does this have to do with my challenge? For about 2 weeks I wasn’t playing my game very much, just logged on and got my daily, putzed around, and done. Not only did I feel focused, I felt happy and alive. I was wanting to do things, and be with people! I started playing again, and the more I played the more those happy thoughts disappeared. Spending time with my wife or working out on my bike seemed less enjoyable than slaying centaur or mining some ore on a distant asteroid. My hope is to try and find a balance between the different areas of my life. I made my personal goal to workout after the kids go down for the night and before I do any gaming. 30 min on my trainer and perhaps add in some running during the week when my oldest is in preschool.

I am focusing on my after picture, how amazing I will feel when I get to take it and say that I accomplished this small goal!

Big Boned Biker

Sorry if this post seems scattered brained, I am starting to come down with a cold, but that won’t stop me 🙂

Day 11/30

I made poor choices, I made more poor choices, I made the most poor choices. Good news is I am home for the week, with no big out of town traveling for a while. Yet, why did I make the poor choices? I let my situation dictate my eating. On the road? Need snacks and fast food! We had planned a nice time to get home where I could make a quick dinner, but due to a traffic jam( Man was threatening to jump off a bridge) it was to late. We fed the boys, my oldest picked subway, which I promptly decided to go with…well i should have atleast. Instead, one the boys go to bed I ordered pizza, and am really feelking sick from it right now. I am bloated and feel like someone is squzzing my face. Water tomorrow, and a bike ride for sure!

So here it is Day 11

Day 11/30
Day 11/30

Day 3/30

It arrived! My new bike trainer arrived today! I will be writing up a review on it with in a week…I will comment on this one thing though, I apparently decided to go with a Thomas color scheme lol

thomas the bike engine
Katrina The Bike Engine



Eating wise it went meh..I did go over my points a bit but I also earned some points as well. In the end it evened out, but my goal this week is to no be negative on my weeklies!  Sadly today was actually good enough weather to bike ride outside but I wasn’t really able to go(minus taking Tallulah down the road and back for .25 mile). Jumping back though, the indoor trainer is going to be a fun addition and even the Simba agrees(Pardon the mess).the lion king rides the bike

unfortunately weight watchers is down so this was the only way for me to load them today..the last two, the difference is including my activity. Also, Hi Becky!3-30a



Day 2/30

Today was a much better day, not sure why but just felt very focused. My youngest decided to wake up at 2 am and wasn’t going back to sleep. Since I was up anyways we made a 3am run to Meijer grocery and I picked up supplies to make Stuffed Pepper Soup! 3pp for 1.5 cups, and I add lots of veg to it! I will post the recipe up sometime soon 🙂

In more exciting news, my trainer comes in tomorrow!! My new tire already arrived and Katrina is looking kinda freaky with it. I figure that I would rather ruin a $10 tire than ruin an $70 tire. I will say if she had a second one on though I could dig it. Here is the link to the tire 700c x 32 

FrankenBike Blue tire



Here is the day!

day 2 of 30 for the food challenge
Day 2/30


I must say, I am very happy with the service so far with my LBS! My wheel came in today, and is all installed, set to go for my ride tomorrow with a friend.  The new wheel for those who are wondering is a Weinmann ZAC19 with 12 ga. spokes. I was surprised just how much larger those spokes really are compared to the 14 ga. on my other rim.  Looking forward to trying it out tomorrow on a short ride.

I also am looking at the viability of doing a small tour next year, and things are looking good. I am hoping to find someone to go with me, but I won’t make that a key consideration for it though.


Anyways, keep on rolling!




Incredible Shrinking Hills

Sorry for not updating last night but better late than never eh? So even though we had a heat advisory of 100* I still went out biking yesterday. It was nice to not have the trailer attached and I could tell it made a huge difference. I first road over to the bike shop and had them make some adjustments to my seat. It was sliding down every mile or so, but they got that fixed for me.

I went out for a bit of a ride after that, and hit some new spots. What I am most impressed about is the fact that hills are getting smaller around here! It must be that, because it can’t be the fact I am in better shape right? I flew up hills that last year I couldn’t even make it halfway up. I am really feeling good about my riding, and am toying with doing a small tour next year. I would have to get up to doing ab out 60-80 miles a day though first.

I have also been working on going car free this week! I have not driven a car since last thursday, I have been taking Katrina with me to run all my errands, and I must say the more you do it the more you learn to love it!! I even road her to my Weight Watchers meeting last night, much to the surprise of everyone there.


In other news, I did not hit my goal for weight loss this week. I still lost though, and as tough as it is I need to focus on that aspect. I think it was all the warm weather and the exercise that caused me to swell up a bit.

Any ways, my wife is coming home today after being gone since sunday afternoon! Time to go get things ready IE clean the house.

Life is good on the back of a bike!