Day 2/30

Today was a much better day, not sure why but just felt very focused. My youngest decided to wake up at 2 am and wasn’t going back to sleep. Since I was up anyways we made a 3am run to Meijer grocery and I picked up supplies to make Stuffed Pepper Soup! 3pp for 1.5 cups, and I add lots of veg to it! I will post the recipe up sometime soon 🙂

In more exciting news, my trainer comes in tomorrow!! My new tire already arrived and Katrina is looking kinda freaky with it. I figure that I would rather ruin a $10 tire than ruin an $70 tire. I will say if she had a second one on though I could dig it. Here is the link to the tire 700c x 32 

FrankenBike Blue tire



Here is the day!

day 2 of 30 for the food challenge
Day 2/30

Weight Watchers- Am I a Fraud?

Ever have one of those times where you look at something, and even though it is right in front of your eyes, physically, you can’t believe it is real? As I looked down at my picture glaring back at me, it just didn’t seem that it could be ME. Wanna guess what this picture was? Not a before picture, not really an after picture. It was a picture that my wife took in front of our fireplace, that was now printed in the Weight Watchers Weekly!

My weight watchers leader was asked if she had any members that would fit a specific article, a sort of “fake it till you make it” type piece. After speaking to me, she contacted weight watchers, and was told that they had everyone they needed. Being the awesome leader that she is, they were informed that no really wasn’t the answer she was looking for. “This guy has done amazing! You have to use him somehow and in something” is more or less what she said. After hearing more about my story their interest was peaked, they contacted me and asked me to write up a piece.

That is when it happened, no one knows this, accept my wife, but I almost backed out. 750+ days of non-stop tracking, yet my weight has been out of control. I felt like a hypocrite, how could I write about doing well, when I was sliding down head first in to candy land castle? It was a tough struggle, I wrote up my bit, put my best smile on for a picture, and submitted it. I thought I felt bad before, after hitting send the real pain began. Fraud, I am a fraud, I AM A FRAUD.

I felt such an inner turmoil! On one hand, everything I wrote was true, I haven’t missed tracking a meal yet. On the other hand, can I really say I am even on plan? When I have weeks where I am -250 points, does it really matter that I tracked it? ARGH! I did eventually come to peace with it though, I was NOT a fraud. I only shared what was true, and I know that if I help even ONE person, it is worth it.

That is what it was really about after all. I was looking at it wrong the entire time, it isn’t about me, it is about others! Words can be a gift, that continue well beyond what they were intended. While on a bus ride from Seattle to Wisconsin, I once gave my opinion about something to a woman. I never though anything of it till about 4 years later, I received an e-mail from her! She told me that the advice I gave her changed her entire life, she married the man of her dreams, 3 kids, house, etc. all from the tiny bit of advice I gave her. As I read this back to myself I realize this whole paragraph seems very narcissistic, but that is not my intent. I know the power that words can have, for good and evil, they can be a gift or a curse. Which, will be left up to you.

Here is the snip of the part I am in. It is still an unreal feeling to see myself listed in those pages, it makes me feel very proud about my achievements(regardless of my failures).weeklyb

Thank you Weight Watchers, for giving me the tools to change my life!

Guest Blogger: The UnWorthey Dad

*I hope you enjoy this great guest blogger! When I heard about his story, I knew I had to reach out to him!

Tale of Two Family Photos

I started a journey a little over a year ago now. Back in November 2013, I found out that I am a Type 2 diabetic, my cholesterol numbers were not where they should be, my blood pressure was through the roof and my triglycerides were over 500. All of these were not new problems. I had dealt with blood pressure issues previously as well as recurrent migraines and sleep apnea.

I had another number that was plaguing me – my weight.

I weighed in at 361lbs. The family pic below shows me at my heaviest.


Things had to change. I had dieted before and actually lost close to 90lbs only to gain it all back. I decided to go off plan around the holidays and never got back on track. I felt so defeated. I felt like everyone that had congratulated me before on my weight loss was only talking about the weight gain now. I was sure of it. I would need to do things differently this time around. Besides, I had 3 of the best reasons in the world to make a change – my wife and daughters.

Because of the issue with the diabetes, I chose a low carb plan and stuck to 20 carbs or less a day in the beginning. Some people saw it as an extreme diet, something that would not be sustainable in the long term, but I knew it was something I had to do. It was going to be extreme. I was considered morbidly obese so I had to take extreme measures. I was taking a handful of pills every morning and I had two goals at this point – lose the weight and lose the pills!

I saw results quickly – in three months, I had already lost 60lbs! By this time, many people had really starting noticing, giving me compliments, and asking questions. I’d get the usual, what are you doing to lose it? Once, I explained I usually got the crazy looks of there’s no way. I started getting people telling me that I had inspired them or similar sentiments. I never saw myself as being inspiring. I just saw myself as this stupid man that had made himself fat and sick and had to do something about it now.

It’s now a year later and I’m down a total of 113lbs to a weight of 248lbs and I have a new family picture to show off.


In one year’s time, I have cut all my numbers down to normal levels (my A1C went from 9.0 to 5.0 and my triglycerides from 530 to 74 – I’m proud of those). I’ve also gone from taking 4 pills for my diabetes to only one a day. I’ve gone from size 5x shirts, 50 waist pants to 2x shirts and 38 pants! I’m also proud of those numbers too! I can shop it the normal size clothes section again.

I get asked all the time “how did you do it” or “how can you help me”. I wish I had some awesome advice or plan to give people. I found what worked for me and I made up my mind that I was going to stick to it. That was my plan. It hasn’t always been easy; it hasn’t always been fun, but I’ve stuck with it.

There was a quote that kept me pushing on:

“Don’t let the fear of the time it will take to accomplish something stand in the way of your doing it. The time will pass anyway.”

I didn’t want to wake up a year later and still be at 361lbs. I’m looking forward to where I’ll be next year!


Check out more from the The UnWorthey Dad

You’re still still here?

This is one of me favorite days of the entire year! It is “proof” day! I can’t believe I have had Katrina this long, it seems like only yesterday I was just toying with the idea of buying a bike. This last year has been one of vast growth for me. The first year I had Katrina I did what, 60 miles? This last year I hit 1k miles! I learned that I can push myself harder than I thought I could. I learned that I have more power over my choices than I ever wanted to admit. I learned that I have terrible grammar and spelling(well I knew that one already). The most important thing I have learned though, is that I can love myself. I can admit, I am not perfect at it, but I can look at myself in the mirror and not hate the person staring back.

I get a lot of people who write me and tell me how much of an inspiration I have been. I do enjoy getting those messages, but I encourage people to realize something: True inspiration has to come from within! When I took that first step forward, I felt “inspired” by some postings online, but I quickly realized that was a fading feeling. In the end I have had to find the inspiration in my own works(sounds coincided I am sure). I look back on some of those first “goals” that I hit, 1 mile, 5 miles, 20 miles, ect, and even some of my smaller ones like weighing in every week(even if I don’t want to)! After I think/read about it, I am inspired! It makes me want to push further and harder. I hope those of you who read this, get that first shot of inspiration and then learn to be inspired by your own accomplishments! Even the smallest victory is STILL a victory!

I could write out a lengthy post but I am going to end it here. I have to go finish packing up the house for our upcoming move.

Here is to another year, and inspiring myself to new heights!

Another Year on Katrina
Another Year on Katrina
I am sexy and I know it!
I am sexy and I know it!

Keep On Rolling,

Big Boned Biker

Product Review: Shimano FC-M410 Crank Set

Shimano FC-M410 Alivio 8-Speed Square Taper Crank Set (170mm, 22/32/42, Black)

So I had this bad boy installed on Katrina a week or so ago, and I wanted to talk a bit about it!

Every one keeps asking me, why would I install this? For those that aren’t aware a 22 tooth gives very little power but lets you keep “spinning” up those tough hills. When I am asked my first response is “I am fat and those hills are nothing but a bunch of fat shamers!” This always bring about a chuckle, and while it seems silly it is true. Sometimes those hills are tough, add-on to it a kid(and soon to be 2 kids) riding in back, my panniers which get loaded with stuff, and it makes for a nice cocktail of gravitational forces! My hope with this new gearing is that I can keep my cadence up while hitting those BBBEH. So here is a review of Katrina’s boob job…

Here is my review:

Price: Felt like this was a great price( use this link, it helps me keep on rolling! ), it gave me the gearing without breaking the bank.

Easy of Install: I wouldn’t know, I didn’t install it. However, according to my LBS it was very straight forward.

Positives: Pedaling feels smooth, I kept the crank length the same so not much changed on that end. Price as mentioned before was a good deal, and I feel like this crank set will hold up nicely to my riding style.

Negative: It did take some re-adjustment of the derailleurs to get it to shift properly. At first I ran into an issue where the gears were “slipping” but my LBS had it fixed quickly. I still have one issue where it is slow to shift from my mid-range gear to the lower/higher on the front end. I think with a bit of tweaking I should be able to get this fixed.

Overall thoughts: This is a great crank set for people who need it! While it isn’t high up on the Shimano lineup, it still falls into the mid range. If you need to climb some big hills, pull gear, tour, drag kids around ect, this could be the crank set for you! If you find that you’re often on your top end and wanting more “power” from your bike, this is NOT the crank for you. You will go slower, but it lets you keep on going.

I hope you enjoyed this review, if you have your own thoughts on this great crank set feel free to leave comments!


Does this look familiar _____________________________________________________________?

It is a plateau, when your weight loss seems to stall out and you just kinda sit there for awhile. I have been going through one for a bit though still relativity loosing, my losses amount to an average of .8 a week. Sick and tired of it, but I know what causes it. I just didn’t have the fight in me. I have been pretty emotionally drained lately, with the new baby, upcoming move, and a waaaaaay to long winter. I just lost the fire for awhile.

Two weeks ago I got sick, and it was ugly. I was in bed for about 2 ½ days which also meant I wasn’t eating much. That weeks weigh in was one of my best in awhile a 4.6 pound loss! I can’t really count it though right? It came from being sick, and I know it won’t last. Going into the next week I was pretty sure I was going to have a gain. I realized though, I don’t HAVE to have a gain. What a novel idea eh? I could still have a loss, but it means I would need to knuckle down.

I hit the gym for 6 hours a day everyday, eating nothing but carrots and beef jerky! Fine, I didn’t do that, but I can imagine I did right? I actually didn’t make it to the gym at all, but I did find time to do some activity at home. It is amazing the little things that you can do, that add up to big things. I decided to write out a list of things I can do at home, that may not seem like much by themselves.

Push-ups(ten at a time, done 10 times through out the day)
Laundry lunge(taking the laundry basket and making BIG steps with it around the house a few times)
Stairs(up and down the stairs 5x in a row spread, continue throughout the day)
Toddler lifts(picking up my son from the ground and swinging him up into the air, and back down again..go until you think he might puke)
Clean the floor(take a sponge and wash the floor by hand)
Be a horse(have my toddler ride me around the house while I get some exercise in)
Packing(moving boxes as you pack)

This isn’t an all inclusive list, but just some ideas. The nice part about this list is that I can do them on days I can’t get to the gym. Also, my son loves doing some of them with me, though he tends to more mock me as I try for the push-ups. Activity is all around us if we choose to find it.

Lecture over, moving right along…

I got to ride Katrina the other day!!!!!! It was a very short 4 mile ride, I took her back to the bike shop to get a few adjustments done. I can’t remember if I mentioned it or not, but I had a new crankset installed. For those that wish to know it is a 22/32/42 from a 28/38/48. In human speak it means less “power” but easier to spin, useful on those BBBEH(big bad biker eating hills). As many of you know, I hate driving my car, hate hate hate it. So when I have a fully loaded trailer with me, this will make those hills manageable. It also means I loose some of my “top end speed”, but a brick ain’t made to go fast right? I plan to put up a review on it next month when I get to try it out a bit more..

I am still trying to raise money for my bike tour(you can donate here), though with the upcoming move and my wife’s new job, I may have to put it off one more year. I will still be trying to get a short weekend tour in though, and it will be awesome none the less!

In a final note here, as I am sure this seems more like a jumbled mess than a blog post, I have some awesome news. As of last week I, the Big Boned Biker, am no longer Morbidly Obese…yup I just be severely Obese(or still fat to the layperson). I didn’t even notice it until I went to enter in my weight for my BMI chart that I keep, kind of a cool feeling. I should also add I was able to pull out a loss this week, taking me over the 50# hump. I don’t remember the last time I was this small, and onederland seems so much closer now. My yearly photo is coming up in 7 days, and I can’t wait to see the side by side! I even found a pair of my old pants, I think a 58” waist!

40pounds This photo is for my Weight Watchers leader..this was at about 40# loss 🙂

Forgive me if I don’t post much in the interim, but with this move I will be a bit lacking in the time area. I would LOVE LOVE LOVE to hear about some of the exercises you are finding to do around the house/office, please share in the comment section!

Keep on rolling,

Big Boned Biker