So I am proud to make an announcement: Today 08/27/13 I Big Boned Biker have biked 500 miles this year! Feels great to know that I made a goal and FINISHED the goal. When the year first started out and I set this goal for myself, it was scary. The year before I did what 60-70 miles? The idea of 500, seemed so out of reach. As you can see though, I did it!!

So my goal for next year, taking votes: 1200, 1800, 2400? You get to decide! Vote by using the poll on this post…voting open till next Tuesday night!

If you would like to donate towards my other goal for next year, the door county bike tour, you can do so at www.GoFundMe.com/BigBonedBiker every dollar helps and is appreciated.


Short post

Was getting anxious about my WI tonight. so since the weather was cold but not to bad I went for a ride. Did 2 miles in about 14 minuets, and wore my heart rate monitor with an average of 132 with a max of 147.

I really love my HRM, it allows me to really gauge my workouts. I have a polar ft7 black with a red stripe, and I must say It looks pretty sexy when I wear it! So my goal this year is to make it to the M(worlds largest M) which will be a pretty tough ride of about 20 miles round trip I think. Who thinks I can do it by this fall?

Have a great day,and keep on pedaling!