I’m not as fast as you…

Sometimes I feel like a fake, and it bothers me more than it should.


To start off with, I’m pretty slow compared to a lot of people, I average anywhere from 10-14mph depending on the day. I’m in a facebook cycling group and people are often bragging about how fast they are and how far they go, and while it shouldn’t bother me it does. It makes me feel like a “fake” cyclist because, I don’t put in big miles every week, I don’t ride as fast or as far as many, and I don’t follow all the “rules“.

Today though, I saw this meme today and it really hit me. As long as I’m giving 100% it doesn’t matter if I’m going 10mph or 30mph! It doesn’t matter if I’m riding 1 mile or 200 miles! It doesn’t matter what bike I ride, how it looks, or even that I have a kickstand(yeah I’ve actually been harassed for having one in that group). The only thing that matters is that I am giving my all, and whatever your all looks like, that’s perfectly all right!

Keep On Rolling,

Big Boned Biker

Meme by WheelBrothers.com



Food for thought..

So after doing a big event for my biz, and not seeing the results I would have liked, I have been wanting to make bad choices. I want to pig out, stuff my face into a pie like I am trying to win a contest. I have been good though, I have not given in to these urges. However, when I vented to some other weight watcher folks one of them told me something, which I want to share with everyone else.

To quote one of my favorite movies, Wreck it Ralph “labels not make you happy. Good, bad, nggghhhh… you must love you.” Why bring this up you might ask? Simply that I have been allowing labels to define to much of my life. Even more so with food, I to often thing of food as good or bad, which isn’t true as you will see.

Food is a necessary evil, it is something that can very easily take over some of our lives. It took over my life, I was surrounded by the need for food, it made me happy! Well, it also made me fat. Since joining weight watchers I have had to come to terms with many of my demons. So why is there no good or bad choices when it comes to food? It’s a simple answer, because food does not define who we are! What?? How does that even make sense?? When we assign our food as good or bad choices, we are making our self-worth attached to it. If I make a bad choice, than it means I did something BAD. If I made a good choice, than I did something good right? Nope! Instead, we should look at as, is this a choice I will regret making? What that does is simply place the blame where it belongs, on the food. I know it sounds very similar but instead of saying my CHOICE was good or bad, I am instead asking how I will FEEL about the choice I made. It no longer is tied to my self-worth, it is tied to simple actions vs consequence.

So when we make our choices, no matter if it is food or something else, remember to not tie your self-worth to that choice.

I hope this makes sense, because I know for me it was very eyeopening.

Keep on Rolling,

Big Boned Biker