Le Tour De Shore 2016

After a restless night of sleep I woke up early at about 4:30 to begin my day. I loaded up my bike, while my oatmeal cooked in the microwave. I ate it nervously, and began to wake up the household. Today was the day. The day I had been both looking forward to and dreading since February, the Le Tour De Shore ride. A 100 mile 2 day ride from Chicago,IL to New Buffalo, Mi.

We arrived at the McDonald Cycling Center at about 6:30. I quickly unloaded my gear and saying goodbye to my family, I figured I would try and mingle. Accept for one little problem, I found myself full of anxiety. I couldn’t bring myself to talk to anyone, because I had this irrational fear gripping hold of me. I did ask one lady for some help pinning on my riding number (number 31), but I soon found myself standing all alone again. However that same lady approached me about 5 min later and asked if I had anyone to ride with? I responded that I didn’t and she offered to let me ride with her group.

We ended up leaving a bit early as another rider offered to show us a better way to get to the Lake Shore trail head. He was a local and his route was very simple to follow, though I doubt I’ll remember it for next year. It was a pretty uneventful start, my nerves were still high as I was worried about completing the mileage for day one. We were keeping a decent pace through Chicago which was a nice difference from the last time I rode through it, Tri-State Ride. Everyone I was riding with was very friendly, which made the time go by very nicely. Everything was going smoothly, until we realized that we were missing someone. We waited for awhile, and one of the guys went back to look for him, but didn’t find him. After a bit we decided to keep going, as we thought he might have actually been ahead of us (he was a very strong rider). After a bit he came up from behind us, he had dropped his bike pump from his jersey pocket, it had wedged itself between the frame and the back wheel! I don’t know how but he didn’t fall and none of his spokes were broken. Luck was definitely on his side!

We were on our way again quickly and things again were moving at a decent pace. I could tell we were getting close to Hammond, IN where our first SAG stop would be. It was at this point we met a train, and not just any train, a REALLY SLOW train. It moved in front of the crossing about 300 feet and stopped. Ugh! We sat there for what seemed about 5 mins and it slowly, inch by inch started backing up. A bunch of us decided that when it was past the crossing we would cross. It was a single track and with the train moving so slowly it wouldn’t be any risk. A few people did yell at us from behind as we crossed but again, there was no danger. We quickly regained our speed and as we rode through a park area it started to turn, and turn, and turn us right back to that same train! Nooooooo! We were stuck at the middle of the train, the slowest moving train that has ever existed in all of human history! About 3 people decided to attempt for a Darwin award by going under the train. Now it was stopped at times, but it was still moving at others. While the 3rd person attempted a crossing the train started moving again, this time at a decent pace. Luckily they realized it in time and were able to get back. One guy had decided to go over the train and he almost lost his bike. It ended up being about a 15 min wait, and we all cheered when the train finally pulled away.

We finally reached the SAG point, and what awaited us was some gloriously yummy PANCAKES! We were all starving at this point, and we quickly found ourselves in line for the delicious food. We were lucky too, about another 10 mins and the line was wrapped around the corner. My oldest son had me bring along one of his transformers, and asked me to get some pictures of him on the ride. So here is Heatwave, in dinobot mode, enjoying some pancakes.

6 75 1

The next section of the ride is kind of a blur, I was keeping a good pace of around 13-14mph. I remembered some of the roads and trails thanks to riding the WHAM Rides WHAM 2014 Night Ride WHAM 2015 the last couple of years. I do remember riding down a “hill”, which was really an overpass on the road. I was ready to get some speed, I moved into my drops and head down low, only to find out the bottom of the “hill” was where we had to make a left turn! Yikes! By the way, my brakes DO work, and I really love the stopping power from my disc brakes. There was another hill, this time on the bike trail, and I the ride down it that time I was able to coast for a good ¼ mile or more and still was passing people. Big Boned Bikers do well downhill. By the time we reached the second SAG stop, our group had split up. One of the riders, the lady who had invited me to join them, had been getting cramps in her legs. We called them and told them we would wait for them at the SAG stop though, and after about 30 mins they caught up. Turned out the ended up in some construction and had to walk their bikes for awhile. While we had been waiting though An ambulance had shown up, and a helicopter started flying over head. All of a sudden the helicopter started getting lower, and lower, and lower. It landed in a field next to the park we were at! I wondered if it was a medical flight, but I noticed on the side it said “LAW ENFORCEMENT”. As it was landing a squad car pulled up quickly, lights on. I was thinking to myself “what the hell is going on!?!?!”. Out of nowhere a bunch of kids started running up to the helicopter though and I quickly figured out it was a “touch the truck” type of event.


At about 1pm we left the SAG stop and continued on, heading to the last SAG of the day in Chesteron, IN. The sags were all spaced about 20 miles apart, and about 10 miles in, we had all split up again. We stopped at an unofficial SAG stop. It just was a park with a restroom and some water. It was here that I ended up splitting up with the group. I didn’t want to be late getting to the campground, because dinner started at 3pm and only went to 6pm. What was interesting, and kind of weird, was that this section of the ride was right by my house (less than a mile). It is the trail I ride all the time! In fact, I almost turned to go home by mistake at one point. I was starting to feel a bit run down about this point, and ended up stopping to rest a couple of times. It wasn’t so much my legs that were feeling it, it was my “boodle” as my son likes to call it. I should have applied more cream( I use diaper cream to help protect and it works great), but for some reason I decided not to even though I stopped at a spot with a restroom. I kept on going though, one pedal at a time and found myself arriving in Chesterton! It was getting late at this point, almost 3pm but I had decided that I would stop at the bar next to the SAG and have my one beer. It was at this point one of the guys from the group I had been riding with pulled up! We decided to go grab a beer together. I had a Lagunita IPA, which on such a hot day was amazingly refreshing. We went outside and I quickly drank my beer. It was so damn good, I couldn’t make myself nurse it like I normally would.


After finishing my beer, and checking out Broomhead  bars booth, who I must say have AMAZING bars! I couldn’t believe they were gluten free/healthy! I was headed out, and I must say this was the hardest part of the day. I was completely by myself, and I there were a few hills. I was tired, my butt hurt, and I just wanted to get to the campsite with out getting lost. I eventually ended up stopping to check my directions and someone else came along at that point. A lovely couple on a tandem bicycle, I offered to take their picture for them and they let me follow them to camp. Well I tried to follow them. I was just barely able to keep them insight. After what felt like forever, we finally pulled into the campground. It was a free for all setup and I found myself a nice quiet spot to setup my tent.

10 20
I had expected people to be already eating but the place was pretty empty. Turns out dinner didn’t start till 6pm and it was only a bit after 4. I was starving, and if I do this ride next year, I plan to pack a second bag of just food! The campground slowly began to fill up though and dinner was finally served. It was from this AMAZINGLY FANTASTIC SUPER DELICIOUS OUT OF THIS WORLD wood fired pizza place. This is coming from a guy who hates thin/crispy crusts. Here are some photos of dinner and the firetruck they cooked it out of.

11 12 13 14 15 16

Feeling a bit jelly aren’t you? You should be.

21 1922

That night, I slept pretty well, despite the party that raged outside my tent for what felt like hours. I fell asleep quickly though and I remember waking up to complete silence at about 1am. I had decided to leave before the official start time the next day. There was a 5k race taking place along the route that I knew would end up slowing down the ride, and the weather was going to be warm out. I got up at about 6am and packed up as quietly as I could, and was on the rode by about 6:30. I did take a quick stop by lake Michigan to grab a photo of Tallulah.


Again, I found myself riding alone, and this time along a busy hwy near sunrise. This sent me into a small panic attack as one car decided to buzz right by me. An inch more over and he would have clipped my handlebars. As I rode along I shortly found myself riding along the lake, it was amazingly peaceful. I passed the location where the 5k was going to take place, no issues at all since I was so early. After going a ways though, I hadn’t seen any marks to turn, and I knew I had a turn somewhere near here. I stopped my bike along the narrow lane, and pulled over as far as I could. I dug into my yellow bucket and fished out my cue sheet. Damn it, I had missed my turn. I back tracked about a mile, back to where the 5k was going to take place. They had painted over the turn marking on the road! I made the turn this time and kept a sharper look out for my next turn. This time I missed it again, but only went about 100 yards before I realized it. Eventually though I was on course, riding through a swampy area and wondering to myself why I decided to pack the bug spray with my camping stuff. After what seemed like an eternity though I finally got to Michigan City, where my first sag stop of the day was taking place. As I pulled into town I meet up with some other riders, who invited me to join them. They were planning on riding at a slow pace, so I figured it would be a great group to ride with. I was surprised to find out that the reason they were on the road so early was because their hotel had a fire the night before. They had been up since 2am and had spent most of the early morning drinking coffee at a nearby panera.

Here is a photo of the group, they were all from Indianapolis.

13450944_10101848750122118_8720182470820509910_n 13423753_10101848750032298_808247524784839830_n

Despite my best efforts, I was quickly dropped. In all fairness, they did offer to slow down, but I knew that this was going to be a tough day for me. The night before all I was hearing about was how hilly this part of the ride was going to be, and it didn’t disappoint. This was the worst part of the ride. 20 miles of hot and hilly riding. At one point it got so bad I did the unthinkable, and something I really hate to admit. I called my wife. I told her I was done. I couldn’t go on any more and that I was exhausted. That’s right, I quit and gave up. Only, she wasn’t able to come get me for at least an hour or more. I decided that instead of sitting in the middle of nowhere I would keep on riding. I’m proud of myself because instead of completely giving up and throwing in the towel, I decided to keep pushing on. Turns out I was over half way to the sag stop! I ended up making it to the SAG, after having to stop a few more times to rest, and nearly going through 4 bottles of water. I was sweaty, thirsty, tired and beat up. It was still another 10-15 miles till the end of the day. Why 10-15? Because the mileage had seemed to be off on the cue sheets. I really didn’t know if I had it in me. But thanks to some encouragement from a stranger, who told me that if you do 90miles you do 100, I kept on riding. Luckily this was a much flatter portion of riding, and I was told it was just meandering through town. They lied. While it was less hilly, it was still hilly, and it wasn’t a simple ride through town, it was a ride through the country side, which meant less shade. However, after stopping one more time, I finally found a pace I could keep up with. My “boodle” was on fire, because I had developed 2 bad saddle sores, but I just kept pedaling. After what felt like 10 hours, but really was only about and 1.5 hours I rolled into the end of the ride! I couldn’t believe it, I made it!! Big Boned Biker completed his first Le Tour De Shore.

25 24

So the big question is, would I do this ride again? I honestly don’t know. If I do it again, I need to drag someone along with me, because the times that were hardest were when I was having to ride alone.

Would I recommend it? Absolutely!

Keep On Rolling,

Big Boned Biker


Roses grow from the ashes.

Things have been going pretty well, lost 2 pounds this week. It was a pretty uneventful week though, and did get a few small rides in. Went out to Cuba city again, and on the way there I hit a 15mpg average, which felt awesome. Admittedly the ride on the highway is pretty flat though, but I think it will be similar to my tour in door county.

On the way back from Cuba city I felt zapped, I didn’t bring a snack and did not stop for a banana at kwik trip. I was struggling to even hit 8mph even on the flats. It felt like I had lead tires, and it was very discouraging. The next day I went riding and it felt EXACTLY the same way, even though I had just left the house. I got off Katrina and looked her over, I did find the problem. My seat had slipped down, robbing me of all my power. So I put the seat back where it belongs(thanks to some electrical tape I put on, I know exactly where to put it). Immediately it felt better, and I am glad I figured it out.

I went for another ride that night, and it went ok until I tried a new area out. I did NOT make it up the BBBEH’s that I found. It was extremely discouraging and left me feeling a bit depressed the next day. I was going up, and just lost all my motivation. I could see the top but my legs stopped moving, despite my “want” of getting up the hill. I stopped for a bit and started going again. I went about 5 feet and stopped again, feeling defeated. I turned around and road down the hill, yet there was another one steeper on the way back. I didn’t make it up that one in one go either, but while I was stopped I looked around noticing how wonderful the sunset was looking.

Sunset on Old Lancaster Rd
I was so focused on “getting up the hills” that I forgot to stop and look around at the beauty surrounding me. So I stopped, rested and simply relaxed. I got on my bike, pushed my self up the hill and headed home. While I did learn a valuable lesson, as I wrote before I was depressed going into the next day.

How do I stop feeling like a failure? I KNOW I could make it up those hills, but I quit, which means I failed. Failures never succeed, they are a looser, and a looser is worthless, worthless people are quitters. You get the idea. I would love to tell you that I simply examined it, shrugged it off and felt better. That would be a bold face lie. I did though realize that it wasn’t true. Yes I would love to have made it up those hills, but you can’t always win. I did NOT quit, because it isn’t something that can be quit. It is simply life, and you know what? I WILL make it up that hill eventually, and that day will feel all the sweeter. I am reminded of one of my childhood favorite movies, and a song that was on it.

It is something important to remember, that we never fail if we learn from our “failures”.

I am excited to mention that I have started doing a podcast with another stay at home dad(who plans to join me for the bike tour). I will post the link when it is available, but here is a link to his blog.


Don’t forget you can also donate to the bike tour at http://www.gofundme.com/BigBonedBiker any donation is helpful!

Keep on Rolling!

Big Boned Biker

Keep Rolling on….

What a day today! To start it off my son woke me up at 6:15 when I wasn’t going to get up till 7. Took him to his daycare VIA Katrina, and went to visit with my sister for a bit. Was a great visit and it was decided that lil BBB would spend the night but I would take them all to the library before hand. So we all biked over to the library after picking up lil BBB. After that I brought him back to my sisters and came home. I ate some lunch and chatted with a friend of mine, Mr. A, who is thinking about coming with me on the bike tour. He is, as I am, a SAHD, and I think he would enjoy it as much as I will.

After lunch I decided to postpone my trip to Cuba city again, to be honest I am a little bit nervous about doing the route. I “think” I know what to expect but I will be taking some roads I have never been on before hand. On google maps, it looked pretty safe and nothing to hard to handle though. So I sat down to play some computer games until the wife came home. I got my butt kicked by all those dang 12 year old’s with their lightning fast reflexes.

When da wife got home my package from amazon arrived! I ordered some new biking shorts and a mirror for Katrina. I rushed out side and installed the mirror and decided that I would actually try to go to Cuba city today.

Here is the link for the mirror . I highly recommend it and I don’t know how I ever got by without it!

For the ride home I decided to skip the side roads that are filled with BBBEH’s and take the highway. Having my mirror attached made a HUGE difference, I didn’t feel like any moment now a vehicle would sneak up on me. That extra confidence let me concentrate on the actual ride, and I must say I did well. I averaged about 11mph, with having all those hills on the first half I am very happy with that average.

Coming home I thought a lot about things going on, and how things have changed in my life. Katrina has changed the way I view life, when I see these hills ahead(literal and figurative) I am no longer as scared. I know that if I put my mind to the task, I will arrive at the top! There have been many times that I have found my self in 1×1 with no more gears to use and having to decided to walk or keep going. More often than not, I keep going, but even if I do walk I know that as long as I keep MOVING I am a winner.


In total today I did……..30 miles!!


I am still taking donations for next summers tour, if you would like to help the Big Boned Biker keep on rolling feel free to donate. You can donate directly here http://www.gofundme.com/BigBonedBiker

As always, keep on rolling!


Incredible Shrinking Hills

Sorry for not updating last night but better late than never eh? So even though we had a heat advisory of 100* I still went out biking yesterday. It was nice to not have the trailer attached and I could tell it made a huge difference. I first road over to the bike shop and had them make some adjustments to my seat. It was sliding down every mile or so, but they got that fixed for me.

I went out for a bit of a ride after that, and hit some new spots. What I am most impressed about is the fact that hills are getting smaller around here! It must be that, because it can’t be the fact I am in better shape right? I flew up hills that last year I couldn’t even make it halfway up. I am really feeling good about my riding, and am toying with doing a small tour next year. I would have to get up to doing ab out 60-80 miles a day though first.

I have also been working on going car free this week! I have not driven a car since last thursday, I have been taking Katrina with me to run all my errands, and I must say the more you do it the more you learn to love it!! I even road her to my Weight Watchers meeting last night, much to the surprise of everyone there.


In other news, I did not hit my goal for weight loss this week. I still lost though, and as tough as it is I need to focus on that aspect. I think it was all the warm weather and the exercise that caused me to swell up a bit.

Any ways, my wife is coming home today after being gone since sunday afternoon! Time to go get things ready IE clean the house.

Life is good on the back of a bike!


News Update

Well since finding out my wife is pregnant again, my life has been a bit Topsy-turvy. Feeling a lot of stress(but the good kind) about the idea of another baby(it will be a boy is my prediction), I have let my bike riding take a side seat. I have been meaning to get the chain fixed but keep putting it off. Deep down I think it is because I want an excuse to not work out, I just feel in a slump right now.

Last week I had a gain, .8 so not very much but this week I am looking at one as well. Wife is off of WW now, and it is taking me a bit to find my groove again. I have stayed OP though, just been slacking with the work outs as I wrote about above. Now tonight though, on the encouragement of my dear sweet beautiful wife, I went for a bike ride. Did about 7 miles, and tackled some hills that last year left me hurting( http://wp.me/p2jfwI-10 ) which felt nice for the ol’ self-esteem. By the way, check this out

Woot, first 100 of 2013
Woot, first 100 of 2013

FIRST 100 of the year!

I am very happy to be 1/5th of the way through my goal, but have a long ways still to go.

This is BBB signing off…..

All better now…

Took Katrina in to the “doctor” today, she is doing better now and is up and rolling again! The back wheel was just in need of some work, and the great folks at Eric’s Bike and Board shop took care of her. I also updated her seat to a specialized comfort and it is soooo much nicer! After we got home tonight I also went out for a ride and while it was only about 2 miles I made sure to hit some hills. I really enjoyed my ride tonight and I feel very much alive now!

Happy anniversary to my wonderful wife Mrs. Bigbonedbiker, I love you and I am so happy to have you and little BBB in my life!


http://www.specialized.com/us/en/ftb/saddles/equipsaddlesspecials/expedition  this is the seat I got.