Guest Blogger: JDaddy

Hello, I want to share another guest blogger with you guys today! JDaddy and sometimes disagree on “weight loss” styles but I love being able to show that there is more than one method of loosing weight! He has done a tremendous job and I am proud to share some of his story!

Is this really my first official blog post? Thank you Big Boned Biker for inviting me to guest post on your blog! BBB has asked me to share a little bit about my eating lifestyle and weight loss journey.
A little bit about myself, I’m a 30 something stay at home dad of 3 amazing boys who has struggled with my weight all of my pre-teen, teenaged and adult life. I have bounced anywhere between 340 pounds(as recently as February of 2012) all the way down to 205 in my early 20’s. I followed many programs for different lengths of time with varying results. I began to seriously pursue better health back in November on my son’s 2nd birthday. I woke up feeling horrible, and after years of chronic GI pain, and a general feeling of death I decided enough was enough.
There’s something I need to admit to you up front…
I’m going to come right out and say it…
I’m a low carb fanatic.
I eat, sleep, and breathe the low carb lifestyle. I even set news alerts on Google to email me every day at noon with the latest news about the low carb circuit. I’m not content enough to just read, and practice you see, I’m an evangelist. I love, as any good evangelist would, sharing my new found knowledge with anyone, sometimes solicited, other times not. I love helping people achieve their goals by giving them moral support, encouragement, and resources that have helped me greatly.
So let’s get on to it.
What do I eat and how much of it?
I don’t maintain a calorie goal really, although sometimes I use MyfitnessPal to check my macronutrient breakdown(carbs,fats,protein) and calorie counts. I aim for a diet that is very high in fats, saturated fats namely, very low carb, and moderate amounts of protein. My ideal macronutrient breakdown is roughly 75% fat, 20% protein, 5% carbs. During the day I eat when I’m hungry until I’m satisfied. Sometimes I go all in with a 15 piece order of Louisana Rub wings from WingStop, just don’t eat the fries or rolls and you’ll be ok, I promise!
A typical day for me looks like this:
Wake up, drink black coffee.
Breakfast: 2 fried eggs in bacon grease and 1 sausage patty or roughly 5 strips of bacon.
Snack: Coffee with 1-2oz of heavy whipping cream and stevia
Lunch: Tuna with mayo, or a chef salad. Lunch is my most pathetic meal of the day because honestly I’m not very hungry. Sometimes, because of the struggle of raising 2 boys, a toddler and an infant, I drink an Atkins shake and have some peanut butter. Sometimes I may eat a handful of nuts.
Dinner: Usually chicken, steak, or fish with a green vegetable.
After snack treat: I really try to avoid these at all costs and have recently preferred going to bed because I noticed it is stalling my weight loss. But if I am really hungry, I will eat roughly 2 ounces of cream cheese sweetened with splenda, or 4-5 oz of strawberries with heavy cream and splenda.
So that is my blueprint for success in my weight loss journey. Your mileage may vary. Personally I have seen incredible improvements in my health. I have lost 36 pounds in three months. My crippling gastritis is gone. I have gained the ability to sleep throughout the night instead of getting up 3 and 4 times to use the bathroom. My blood pressure which was hypertensive is now normal. My blood sugar which was pre-diabetic is now normal. My total cholesterol is under 200, and triglycerides are normal. I’m not mindlessly hungry anymore. I actually have energy! I’m 261.4 pounds as of this morning and have roughly 90 to go to hit my goal weight of 170. After the success I’ve seen and the knowledge I’ve gained, I feel empowered to go all the way. Thanks goes out to my wife for being so supportive and joining me on this eating lifestyle. Thank you for the opportunity BBB to guest post on your blog. I am looking forward to comments! Who knows, I might be on the next low carb google alert!


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What a week, some good some bad, but what a week.



I changed some tires for my dad on his old Murry Mt. Bike, but I didn’t notice that the ones I ordered were white wall. They also ended up being a bit larger than what he had on orignally, but with a bit of wrenching with the brakes I was able to get them to work. I wasn’t sure what my dad would think of the white walls, but he was thrilled! In fact, it made his old bike almost look like new, and with a slightly less knobby tread it was smooth sailing.




I noticed that Katrina has been running a bit sluggish, so after I examined her I noted that my back tire as out of true. So I took her in on this past Friday to see the “doctor” at the LBS. The said it would be done Sat. afternoon, however it wasn’t until late Monday that I got the call to pick her up. Turns out the rim wasn’t out of true. The adjusted my brakes out a bit, and I think that helped clear up the issue.



So on Wednesday I decided to give Katrina a good bathing/lubing, as the road grit was building up. What I discovered while doing this though was that I had worn through my back wheel. Needless to say I was not a happy camper, but was glad to know that I didn’t have to take it to my LBS to fix. I ended up finding some nice tires on amazon (, and while I had some 700×32’s on before I decided to go with 700×28’s. I am hoping that with the smaller diameter tire I will be able to pick up some speed, as well as being able to run a higher psi.



So today they were due to arrive, but since they were coming UPS I knew it would be late in the afternoon. Which, would be a good thing because we had our ultrasound today! I am happy to announce that our newest member of the family will be a boy! Though I was positive it would be a girl, I am very happy with another boy. So after we picked up my son from his aunts house, we went to wal-mart for a few things. When I got home at about 4:30 I was expecting my tires to be here, but they were not. They ended up not coming till about 7pm, and as soon as my son went down to bed I went to install them.



Installing them seemed pretty straight forward, after all I had done my dads tires earlier in the week. I had already removed the old tires/tubes from the rims, so I was able to skip that step. After aligning the valve with the valve hole it was a simple matter of setting the beads on the tire. Simple at least for the front tire, with the stock rim. The back tire was another beast all together, and it ended up taking me 30min of fighting, sweating, and swearing to get that tire on! In the end though I did prevail and after installing them on Katrina I went for a ride. I did not notice the size difference as much as I had hoped I would. However, when I went to take a turn, the agility of the tire really showed itself! I only went around the block quickly, and will be able to offer a better review after a longer ride.




Weight watchers wise, it was an ok week. Saturday I went completely overboard on some food choices, but still remained within my weekly/activity points. Despite my better efforts I only ended up loosing about a half pound. Which is better than a gain, but I consider that a maintain. I think I let some personal things going on affect my food choices. It reminds me that no matter how well I feel I am doing, I can easily slip back to my old habits if I let my guard down. Those of us on this type of journey have to take it all one bite at a time….



Keep on rolling,