Day 7/30

I have been on weight watchers for a long time now, yet sometimes I still find little “surprises” in my tracker. Here is how I thought my day would be today :

weight watchers food logging
What I thought it was…

Nice and sensible, I even talked my wife into getting one! I must say I love the Egg White Veggie Wrap, and for 4 points I usually get two of them. A few hours later my wife texts me, turns out I was ordering the FLATBREAD not the wrap. CRAP! UGH! ARGH!  How could I be so idiotic? I have been eating this for 6 months now and never made sure I was tracking the right freaking thing. My wife told me to not worry, learn from it and move on. I DON’T WANT TO JUST MOVE ON! I wanna go cry in my pillow and scream out my frustration. I have been saying “track it and move on” to much lately and the scale is showing me. After a bit though I calmed down, looked at my tracker, and started to learn.

The reason this had me so pissed off though, is because  I had  my day worked out already! I had even earned about 6 activity points. My goal for the week is to use no weeklies/Activity points, but that was becoming a bust on day one. You see, I am a creature of habit, every Wednesday I order the same meal, I order it the same way, and even tend to sit in the same spot. However, I had to change it today and drop the chips, and still digging 3 points into my weeklies. *argh* I will not let this get me down though, and will just keep pushing forward! I won’t be weighing in officially for the rest of this year due to schedule but will still be doing it at home. Based on that I was down #3.4!

So here is how my day ended up:

Showing my food log as a way of sharing my experince.
…what it really was!

Day 2/30

Today was a much better day, not sure why but just felt very focused. My youngest decided to wake up at 2 am and wasn’t going back to sleep. Since I was up anyways we made a 3am run to Meijer grocery and I picked up supplies to make Stuffed Pepper Soup! 3pp for 1.5 cups, and I add lots of veg to it! I will post the recipe up sometime soon 🙂

In more exciting news, my trainer comes in tomorrow!! My new tire already arrived and Katrina is looking kinda freaky with it. I figure that I would rather ruin a $10 tire than ruin an $70 tire. I will say if she had a second one on though I could dig it. Here is the link to the tire 700c x 32 

FrankenBike Blue tire



Here is the day!

day 2 of 30 for the food challenge
Day 2/30

Weight Watchers- Am I a Fraud?

Ever have one of those times where you look at something, and even though it is right in front of your eyes, physically, you can’t believe it is real? As I looked down at my picture glaring back at me, it just didn’t seem that it could be ME. Wanna guess what this picture was? Not a before picture, not really an after picture. It was a picture that my wife took in front of our fireplace, that was now printed in the Weight Watchers Weekly!

My weight watchers leader was asked if she had any members that would fit a specific article, a sort of “fake it till you make it” type piece. After speaking to me, she contacted weight watchers, and was told that they had everyone they needed. Being the awesome leader that she is, they were informed that no really wasn’t the answer she was looking for. “This guy has done amazing! You have to use him somehow and in something” is more or less what she said. After hearing more about my story their interest was peaked, they contacted me and asked me to write up a piece.

That is when it happened, no one knows this, accept my wife, but I almost backed out. 750+ days of non-stop tracking, yet my weight has been out of control. I felt like a hypocrite, how could I write about doing well, when I was sliding down head first in to candy land castle? It was a tough struggle, I wrote up my bit, put my best smile on for a picture, and submitted it. I thought I felt bad before, after hitting send the real pain began. Fraud, I am a fraud, I AM A FRAUD.

I felt such an inner turmoil! On one hand, everything I wrote was true, I haven’t missed tracking a meal yet. On the other hand, can I really say I am even on plan? When I have weeks where I am -250 points, does it really matter that I tracked it? ARGH! I did eventually come to peace with it though, I was NOT a fraud. I only shared what was true, and I know that if I help even ONE person, it is worth it.

That is what it was really about after all. I was looking at it wrong the entire time, it isn’t about me, it is about others! Words can be a gift, that continue well beyond what they were intended. While on a bus ride from Seattle to Wisconsin, I once gave my opinion about something to a woman. I never though anything of it till about 4 years later, I received an e-mail from her! She told me that the advice I gave her changed her entire life, she married the man of her dreams, 3 kids, house, etc. all from the tiny bit of advice I gave her. As I read this back to myself I realize this whole paragraph seems very narcissistic, but that is not my intent. I know the power that words can have, for good and evil, they can be a gift or a curse. Which, will be left up to you.

Here is the snip of the part I am in. It is still an unreal feeling to see myself listed in those pages, it makes me feel very proud about my achievements(regardless of my failures).weeklyb

Thank you Weight Watchers, for giving me the tools to change my life!

Am I Crazy?

My son’s first camping trip or I am crazy

To start off the day I first had to go to weight watchers to WI, and because I have my new bike I decided to pedal my way to the meeting. It was only 14 miles and it was a nice cool morning, I put the bike rack in the back of the car so I could head back home with my wife. The trip was pretty uneventful except for two things. I took a wrong turn and ended up on a very busy road and adding about 4 miles to my trip. Second as I was preparing to make my turn into the strip mall where the Weight Watchers meeting is held, a guy in a white truck lays on the horn, calls me an A-hole, and runs me off the road(where I ended up hitting a huge pothole). Luckily, both Tallulah and myself were ok, though I was shaking very badly when I dismounted. I was down almost a pound though, which makes two losses in row for the first time since mid March!

So we grab an early lunch of subway and head over to the local big box store for a few last minute supplies. Glow sticks, hot dog roasters, lighter, and some swim diapers. The excitement is already growing inside of me, I have not been camping in years! I still haven’t told my son yet, with plans to wait until the last moment to spring it on him. I had packed 90% of the stuff the night before in my panniers ( learn more here ), and after adding the last few items I started setting up Katrina for her big ride. My pack list was a bit more than I would have brought for just myself but it is roughly as follows:

Tent (Eureka! Apex 2)

Small Stove w/iso butane fuel (Ultra Light Stove)

Sons Thomas the tank engine sleeping bag(stuff inside itself to a small throw pillow size)

Snuggie (used instead of sleeping bag since I don’t own one)


Wash cloth

Long sleeve

Short sleeve t-shirt

Extra clothes for my son

4 Diapers w/ wipes

2 swim diapers

Cooking pot (cheap 5 dollar one from wal-mart)

Bug Spray

Spray on Sun Block

4 Water bottles(Two on Katrina, one in the back of the trailer and one for my son)

2 collapsible hotdog/marshmallow cookers
Bike tools(tire levers, patch kit [with more tire levers], bike specific multi-tool, some cash,spare tube, and Advil)

Chargers for phone and ipad


Special bedtime book (Just me and my Dad)

Lighters x2


Marshmallows big

Marshmallow small

Hebrew national hotdogs (only one point per dog up to 4)

Hot dog buns


Pancake mix (in a packet)

Small Maple Syrup

Chocolate chips/peanut butter chocolate chips


As you can see I was able to fit a lot inside the panniers! The only items that didn’t go in them were the bananas(which did NOT survive the trip) and an extra water bottle, both of which went into the trailer. One thing that surprised me is that I actually didn’t pack anything I didn’t use, and in fact found that I was needing a few more items. One thing I plan to do is mark a water bottle with ¼, ½, and full cup marks for measuring water amounts.

Kitty Litter Panniers, Kitty bucket bike, Bicycle tour hybrid

After loading Katrina down with her load, hitching her up to the “wagon” and double checking tire pressure I wheeled her out to the front of the house. I walked in and told my son I had a surprise for him out front! He rushed to the door and saw the bike, his face started to light up and when he noticed the tent!

“daddy, your tent is on tent on the bike” he says to me

“Yes, what do you think we are going to do with the tent?”

“Camping!” he exclaims

Do yourself a favor turn up your speakers and hit play while you read the rest of this(maybe even hit replay if you want) 😀

I go to put on his helmet and he freaks out at me about not wanting to wear it, I remember thinking “great what am I getting myself into?”. After I get him his helmet on we pose for the mandatory “heading out” pictures. That formality done, we load up and hit the road! Ahh the smell of a fresh summery day with the world out in front of us! Life doesn’t get better than this, does it?

Getting ready for our bike camping trip, bicycle tour with hybrid

We ride for awhile, the load is actually more comfortable to pull than I thought it would be, thought when I corner I have to be careful as the load makes me skid a bit if I go to fast. I get up to where I know that we will be crossing the railroad tracks and am greeted by construction signs! The track crossing is closed, and there is no way for me to get the bike over the tracks. I swore a little bit in my head and proceed to find a way around this issue. I go into a little community only to find it is full of dead ends. UGH! As luck would have it though, I found an couple of folks cleaning up their garage sale and after a few minutes of them arguing between themselves about which way to go; only to find they both were essentially telling me the same thing, I get the directions I need. It does take a bit of back tracking but I was eventually able to get going again

I am going along for awhile, and not coming across the trail intersection like they said I would. This is starting to piss me off a bit and I am wondering if I am going to have to go home to get the car. For those that know me in person though, I don’t like to give up and I am very stubborn. I keep pushing on and after about 4 miles I finally hit the trail right next to the big bridge. One issue though, I got a bit turned around and am not sure which way I need to turn. I make the best guess though that I can and luckily it was the correct one. The ride is uneventful as we pull into Chesterton, IN. and I make the first turn from my cue sheet.

Is this the right road???? I wasn’t coming across the next turn and I was beginning to wonder if I had A. Missed my turn B. Taken the wrong turn C. just not gone far enough. I spotted 3 people sitting on their lawn and decided to pull over and ask for directions (See us men CAN do that sometimes). As I pull up an older lady asks, “do we know this guy?”. I chuckle a little and say no, explaining my predicament. One of them, a guy about 45 I would guess, explains that he had just showed up after 15 years of being away and thus the reason the woman had asked jokingly if she knew me. He tells me I simply need to keep going, and double checks the rest of my directions(point out a few landmarks for me to look for ahead). I wave goodbye and keep pushing on, suddenly I find myself in a VERY busy down town area that I didn’t know existed. I thought that little historic area was the”downtown” but I was very wrong.

I spotted my “rest stop” up ahead though, a Dairy Queen! One of the best parts of bike touring/camping is that you burn a LOT of calories, calories which you get to replace. So we go inside the wonderfully cool and refreshing air conditioning, and order up a couple of ice cream cones. Already, I feel that special bonding moment happening! Here we were, father and son, enjoying an ice cream cone on a hot day, while heading out for a camping trip. It is a memory I will continue to cherish.

bicycle campout, eating ice cream, bike tour with hybrid

The lady at DQ though was very annoyed with me asking to fill my water bottle(they have to go and do it as they don’t have it on the self-fill station). So I I decided to just leave it as it was, at least she had put lots of ice into it. As we head out of town, my chain ends up coming off at a traffic light, but I was surprised to find that the driver behind me was understanding as I hopped off to move the bike out of the way. They didn’t honk or pull out fast around me, so thank you random unknown person for being kind to a cyclist! It was only 10 miles from DQ to the campground, but that was one of the longest 10 miles I have dealt with in awhile. Hauling 30 pounds of gear + 30 pound of kid with a little wind thrown in of course, makes a nice recipe for getting tired out. I went through 2.5 water bottles on that final section. The sun was brutal and I was worried as I was on some rather deserted county roads. The kind of road where if something happened I don’t know how long I would be laying in the ditch. The ice water that melted though was a life saver, it was the last bottle I hit and it was beyond refreshing!



To get to the campground the last turn was onto a a major hwy for .5 mile. It was scary, as cars whizzed past me at seeming light speed! It was downhill, and with all that weight on the back wheel, the bike would get wobbly if I went about 13ish mph. I may or may not have been repeating, please don’t kill me, over and over again till I arrived. We arrive at the site and it is time to get to work!

camping with a bike, Michigan City Campground, bicycle tour with hybrid

One thing I really liked about our spot here is that we were right next to an awesome playground area! After setting up camp, we change into our swim shorts and go for a quick dip into the pool. It felt amazing, my feet were very swollen at this point and it did wonders to just let them soak for a bit. After our swim, he goes to play at the park for a bit until dinner. Dinner was hotdogs and marshmallows, score 5+ daddy points! The rest of the afternoon was filled with playing at the playground, going for a walk(where we met a rather interesting duck). Just spending some quality time together, it was nice to just spend time with out the stress of home. Not once did I have to yell at him to stop doing something, or send him to a time out. It was a wonderful gift that we both received.

Towards the evening we end up getting some “neighbors” a woman, her daughter, and he boyfriend. We made quick friends, as did my son. Her daughter I think was about 5 but her and my son got along amazingly, spending the rest of the night playing together. I enjoyed getting some “adult time”, visiting with someone how doesn’t need me to change their diaper was a blessing.

I let him stay up till about 10:30 and I finally ended up calling it a night an hour later. Here is one of the things I want to get for next time, a sleeping pad! Did you know; and this is scientific fact; that the older you become the hard the ground gets? I use to be able to sleep on the bare ground no problem, but not any more! It sucked, it sucked bad! I finally passed out at I would guess about midnight, and woke up a few times trying to get comfortable or to throw my snuggie back on. I was finally woken up the last time with a scary feeling of a heavy chest. I was finding it hard to breath, and quickly started to freak out, when I hear from above me “WAKE UP DADDY!”. He had climbed on my back and was sitting on top of me. We get up and he goes to play in the park again with his new friend as I fix us breakfast. This is where that water bottle marking would have been nice as I try to guess how much 1 cup of water is for the pancakes. Another camper comes up, who I had met the day before as well, and offers me a dozen eggs, cheese, and some sausages! So we ended up with a yummy feast for breakfast, need to fuel my legs for the ride home.


We lay around for about an 30 min before packing up the site, and checking out. Right before I go my kickstand comes loose, and it takes me a good half an hour to get it fixed. I HATE this kickstand and really want to replace it, but not an option right now. The bolt is tough to reach and my wrench just barely fit the spot to hold it. Also, when you pack up your panniers, make sure you don’t put your tools at the bottom, was annoying to have to dig them out. I should add that at this point my wife is questioning if I want to ride home or have her pick us up. I was still feeling exhausted from the day before(and late night), but again I am to stubborn for that. The ride home was very pleasant, though the wind was worse today and that trailer acts like a giant sail sometimes.

On the way home though, I decided to stop in Chesterton again, and have something nice a cool/refreshing. So we talked it over and decided to go and get a nice cold “beer” together. So here is my son and I enjoying a post-campout “beer” float.

Root beer floats, campout, Bicycle tour with hybrid

We both decided to get ours as floats, and after that it was a quick ride to get home, luckily I knew to take that other detour path this time. We arrived home, with smiles and exhaustion on our faces. After we a quick bath for him it was snooze time, and after my shower I followed his lead! I think I slept for close to 3 hours! Man did I need it though, and am thinking of heading to bed here after I am done with all of this.

So, there you have it, our adventure, maybe not of epic proportions but an adventure none the less. I learned a few things on this trip:

I am not ready for that 80 mile ride

I love camping with my son(and can’t wait till my other son is old enough to go as well)

Check for constructive before you leave on a bike camping trip

That I love my son, and need to treasure all of these moments we get to spend together.

I hope to make this a tradition for us, and look forward to more campouts together 🙂

Keep On Rolling,

Big Boned Biker

Can you really ever change your eating habbits?



Easter was tough this year, started out with a small gain on Saturday and just went down hill from there. First off, the candy this year was harder to turn down than in years passed. I know it is my weaken resolve but still I tracked for it. On the way to my sisters house we stopped at an “Oasis” and things went downhill fast. I tracked for a roast beef sub from subway but when I got there the food didn’t look like it should be eaten. No biggie I can make healthy choices anywhere! Sbarro was right next to me and I decided to look up a piece of pizza(proud of myself for doing that). It was 16 points for the pizza I wanted so I went and got a slice of the pie. It was yum yum yummy in my tum tum tummy!! Sadly though it was over to quick and left me still hungry. So I decided to go in search of food, and saw Auntie Ann’s pretzels. I walk on by it though determined to find something better, mmm Starbucks sounds good! Not worth the points! Finally, I end up deciding on some yummy popcorn for about 9pp. It really hit the spot, and with that we hit the road again!

So why is my day going downhill? Because what I didn’t tell you was that I ate Denny’s for breakfast, though I tried to make some good choices. I had 4 egg whites, 2 hearty pancakes, and a side of Grits. In all I used about 18 points. Did I mention that the popcorn I ate was 6cups? I wanted to leave that part out, but honestly who am I lying to? We arrive in time for dinner and it is spaghetti, which I had tracked for 2 cups worth. I quickly find myself enjoying a third cup’s worth, like I said not going well. This meal would end up being 26 points, because I also decided to have a Ice Cream milkshake and 2 peeps. So if you are keeping track 18+16+9+26=Totally not worth the points!

I am going to do something that I don’t think I have done before, I am going to show you my tracker. I never like to share my tracker with people because it is a very personal thing. It almost feels like walking out in public naked! Somethings are just suppose to be private. This time though, I am stepping out naked and sharing it. So here it is

Day before Easter
Day before Easter

shocking I know. To give you some perspective, when I first joined weigh watcher, at an official 432 pounds, I started with 71. However this is exactly why we have our weeklies points! Also, it is only one day, and simple enough to recover from!

Easter Sunday
Easter Sunday

As you can see, it didn’t go so well…so what is the silver lining in all this? I think some of you already know, it was only one weekend. I didn’t “fall off” the wagon, I simply hit a slight bump. I love the fact that my entire week isn’t shot, I get to continue on and make new choices with every meal. I didn’t get fat in one weekend, and I won’t get skinny in one either.

Moving on….

I mentioned above about things being point worthy and while it seems like a simple concept I do want to talk about it. What makes somethings point worthy and others not? Aren’t my points able to be used however I wish? Who was the second gunman on the grassy knoll? All fair questions, though I don’t have the answer to the third. What I am going to share can also be applied to those who aren’t on weight watchers, the principles remain the same.

The bible talks about standards such as this
“Finally, brothers, whatever is true, whatever is honorable, whatever is fair, whatever is pure, whatever is acceptable, whatever is commendable, if there is anything of excellence and if there is anything praiseworthy—keep thinking about these things.”

which got me thinking about my Point Standards. If I was to share my own this is how it would go:

“What ever things are filling, what ever things are healthy, what ever things are positive, what ever things can be controlled, and what ever things taste yummy”

If I have a loaf of bread for 4 points and Johnny takes to bites…never mind. If I have a loaf of bread for 4 points and doughnut for 4 points, which is the better option for a meal? I will give you a hint, it isn’t the doughnut. Now, that is not to say you can’t have donuts, but it is about what is going to be more filling. Filling is a very important part to living a healthy lifestyle, when you walk around hungry you make less positive choices. I know when I get to hungry I just want to bite the nearest person. When we pick foods for treats we should still think about this important factor. Am I going to be satisfied after one, or am I going to want N+1? I know for me, 90% of the time one doughnut is not enough, so it easier to just not have that one.

What things are healthy? Name 4 healthy foods, go! How did you do? What if I told you, I can take any healthy food you can name and make it unhealthy? I bet you believe me, because it is a very simple thing to do. We often don’t think about how things are made, we just see “broccoli is healthy”. Is it drenched in butter? Cream? Steamed? It is about looking below the surface at what is all involved. You don’t have to live on “health” food to eat healthy, it really comes down to paying attention to things like sodium, fats, and so on. In the end though don’t forget that the joy of healthy living is the flexibility to sometimes eat the unhealthy.

Positively positive! We all to often talk about food being bad or good choices (), but really we need to get out of that mindset. I will be the first to admit though that it is a hard thing to do! I try to look at food in a positive aspect, is this food going to make me “feel good” after I eat it? Will I wish I hadn’t? If I eat 2 brats loaded down with all the goodies, was it a positive or a negative choice? Chances are I am going to wish I only ate one of them, and am going to feel it later in a non-positive manner lol. When you make positive choices it invigorates you, and empowers you to make a positive choice the next time. Remember though, if you make a rather regrettable choice, it isn’t the end of the world, and you can make a positive choice as soon as the next bite.

Boom! The trigger just went off, and now you lay on the floor in a puddle of chocolate syrup. I have a list of foods that I simply can not eat, no mater how bad I want them. One single bite can make me spiral out of control. When looking at food the number one question you need to ask yourself is, can I stop at one? To often we lie to ourselves, sure I can stop at one, two, three, four, and soon the box is gone. We all know when we lie to ourselves, it isn’t an “accident”. When you lie to yourself nothing positive can come of it. Ask yourself, with all honesty, can you stop at one? Perhaps you can limit yourself by supply, only ordering one or two so that you can’t eat more(you can’t eat what you don’t have). One thing that has worked for me is finding alternatives to those trigger foods. I love love love love love love cold spaghetti’ O’s with meatballs. I will eat any can of it I can get hold of and still want more. So as an alternative, when I go to an Italian restaurant I often order spaghetti with meatballs. It is a controlled environment and this lets me indulge without worrying about stuffing my gob.

Trigger Foods
Trigger Foods

Last part is to make sure you enjoy the foods you are eating. Every bite should be yum! If it isn’t than why eat it? I hate spending my points on food that tasted like dog poop, and I don’t feel positive after those meals. So don’t force yourself to eat on “diet’ mode, it will only make you burn out. As I to often say, I am so glad I don’t diet! I am on a Livet, because we shouldn’t do things that make us die.

I hope you find this helpful, these steps have taken me(and still are) a long time to work on. I will never be free from my food addiction, ever. Every bite is a constant struggle, and sometimes I relapse, but using these tools helps make those relapses happen less and less. When we learn to eat to live and not live to eat, we all will be better off.

One last thing before I go, I got out last night to ride Katrina and it was such an amazing ride! Do to my wife’s new job, the weather, and sunset I have not been getting gout. So each ride I make sure to get the most out of it. The feeling of the centrifugal movements of the pedals under my feet, the wind blowing past my face, and the sheer simplicity of human powered movement, creates a feeling of nirvana.

Don’t forget to check out the Friends Of Katrina section above, and send me a picture of you with your bike! Also, feel free to check out my Amazon store, every purchase helps me save for my bike tour(and doesn’t cost you anything extra!)

Keep on rolling,

Big Boned Biker


So I am proud to make an announcement: Today 08/27/13 I Big Boned Biker have biked 500 miles this year! Feels great to know that I made a goal and FINISHED the goal. When the year first started out and I set this goal for myself, it was scary. The year before I did what 60-70 miles? The idea of 500, seemed so out of reach. As you can see though, I did it!!

So my goal for next year, taking votes: 1200, 1800, 2400? You get to decide! Vote by using the poll on this post…voting open till next Tuesday night!

If you would like to donate towards my other goal for next year, the door county bike tour, you can do so at every dollar helps and is appreciated.

Mile stone


Some great news to share today…finally hit below 300 pounds. 295.6 is what I weighed in at tonight, this is the first time in 6 years since I have been this low. It still has not sunk in that I can tell people I weigh a weight with a 2 in front of it. As a reward the even gave me a really nice water bottle with an insulator cover. It will be great for some more bike riding, going to fill it up with ice to refill my bottle as I ride.

Katrina had some mechanical trouble yesterday though, involving her rear derailer. I am happy to report I was able to fix it myself. It was a very rewarding feeling doing my own work on her, as opposed to paying someone else $ for 5 min. of their time.

Not much else to write right now, please consider donating to my bike tour fund every dollar helps! hoping to make this dream a reality.

Keep on rolling,

Big Boned Biker