Long time

I have not been riding in over a week due to my tailbone being hurt, I feel so F’ing fat right now. Depression is starting to take over, and I NEED to get out biking this weekend! I did get a bunch of new bike gear which I can’t wait to try out, I got some new SPD pedals, a jersey, shorts, gloves, and a few other cool things!



@)$(@$( Well, I was REALLY wanting to go bike riding today, so I biked to my sisters house and @)!$ it hurts. My tailbone was feeling almost healed but now it hurts again. Of course, I had to ride back afterwords which did not help. What I did enjoy though was being on Katrina, and having my niece ride back with me to my house!! Her bike is a bit small for her but it was so much fun, and she didn’t complain at all!

Thank you lord for the moments that you give me, to remind me why I still want to be here!


Well tomorrow is my 28th birthday, I am starting to feel old lol…My tailbone still really hurts from the other day, but I REALLY need to get on my bike. I actually MISS it, that rush I feel when I conquer a hill, or beat my time even by a little bit. Folks say they can tell that something is different, but they are not sure what, I smile inside because I know its the self-esteem that I am slowly starting to build back.

Now the hard part about my birthday is I tend to get cash/gift cards, and most of the time it goes towards camera equipment…but now there is just as much bike stuff that I want lol…

I also have to say thank you to my wife, with out her support I would never have gotten even this far.

A hill to far

Had a nice ride this evening, did 3 miles in 23. Hit a big hill today and did not think I was going to make it up it, but I lowered the gear to 2/2 and just kept pedaling! I am planing on a big ride in July it will be about 20miles so I need to start training more!

One a side note, had to buy a shirt this weekend and I had decided between the 5 and the 4x, I went with the 5 but the 4 still fit.


Well found my shorts today! OMG does it feel better than riding in jeans, so much better that I did almost 4 miles in about 35 min! Road downtown to the bike shop and back! I felt like I could have gone even further…it felt amazing! Only time I stopped was for stop signs and to jump into the store for a min. I am feeling by proud of myself right now!

Ouchy but it feels good…

Went for a ride, did about 1.5 in 13….not my best and I would have gone further but OUCHY I pulled a muscle! I decided I was going to tackle a hill that when I first started I could not do in one go…I did it! Without changing gears at that….I also found an old hoodie that didn’t fit for awhile now, but while it is still small it isn’t to far off!

Anyone want to see a new photo?